Sunday, March 18, 2007

going to the chapel...

this week's strombo show recap. the players... alex and mr. stroumboulopoulos.

mr. stroumboulopoulos has been over winter since november. it was apparently a really nice day in toronto. (vancouver however, was in build your ark type weather). he hopes that you did whatever you wanted to do today. stayed in bed if that’s what you wanted to.

mr. stroumboulopoulos has known alex for seven years. he has never seen him with a highlighter. alex is fiendishly highlighting. this is all for a new segment called news with alex liu. alex interjects that’s not what it’s called. it’s called news for alex liu. one is completely different from the other.

captain america’s death is brought up. then my feed crashes. when it comes back up, they are talking about public enemy and the show on friday night.

mr. stroumboulopoulos wishes his mom an upcoming happy birthday. osama bin laden’s birthday is brought up. alex asks if it is wrong to wish someone happy birthday if you don’t really care.

alex chokes on his apple juice. mr. stroumboulopoulos keeps reading news.

cpac is discussed. alex is not interested.

alex is a little sleepy today. he woke up about an hour ago as he accidentally fell asleep. mr. stroumboulopoulos says you are never going to get to sleep tonight. are you going to be bitchy tomorrow?

hayley (who mentions working for the cbc) is monitoring the myspace page.

mr. stroumboulopoulos comments on the liberals . ten years of big lies, wasted money and broken promises. canadians are passive.

there has been a strange light reported east of toronto. the possibility it being a ufo is brought up. mr. stroumboulopoulos and callers talk about it for 8 hours. alex complains after an hour. the rest of us take naps. this week in alex is on hold. mr. stroumboulopoulos asks if alex is ok talking about aliens. alex replies i don’t have much choice, it’s your show. mr. stroumboulopoulos talks about the light and aliens for another 8 hours. alex wants to know how much more of his life they are going to waste on this.

back to the news for alex. robert mugabe is discussed.

alex is not getting into this segment. it’s too serious. it’s supposed to be hilarious. it’s not working.

“sheela-na-gig” – pj harvey

mr. stroumboulopoulos lost his voice at the public enemy show. he wishes that his voice tonight was his voice.

the talk turns to alex’s wedding/fiancée. hearts were mentioned and mr. stroumboulopoulos wants skulls. alex says that’s because you are so hardcore. mr. stroumboulopoulos is happy because he likes alex’s fiancée. alex says as the guy you just stay away from all the wedding stuff. he has been allowed to take the lead on the honeymoon stuff. partially because his fiancé wants to throw him a bone, and also because he is very particular. he doesn’t want too hot and dry. nor does he want it too cold and wet. plus he has an allergy problem, so he wants to go where english is spoken so that he can deal with the food issue. he likes the idea of a resort. however, he has developed a bit of an allergy to the sun.

birds are discussed. alex wants to know what they contribute to society. and he doesn’t understand why people put them in cages. mr. stroumboulopoulos agrees with him on this point.

10.35 = comedy is richard jeni.

things they like.alex is reading a howard hughes biography. hayley enjoyed glow in the dark bowling.

ps... i hate blogger today. it keeps fucking up my font size. i have given up trying to fix it.


Chick said...

Skulls + weddings = yes.

I liked Richard Jeni...I did.

Barbara said...

I hate it whan blogger does that. it's usually after you worked on a really long blog too..

Good recap..
This weeks strombo show was too alexcentric. You miss bob? I miss Bob.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

chick - i've seen some sweet skull rings that would be awesome for weddings. :)

barbara - to be fair, alex kept trying to kill the news segment but strombo wouldn't let him. i miss bob a lot.