Saturday, August 12, 2006

another one bites the dust...

just read where sleeman's brewery is the lastest canadian brewery to be sold to international interests. molson's is owned by the yanks, and labatts is owned by a belgian country. and now sleeman's is owned by the japanese. the bay is now owned by an american.

i find it sad, watching our canadian companies being gobbled up by international interests. on one hand, i guess it is better than watching them fall by the wayside (ie.. eatons) but on the other hand.. it's not just because i feel like these companies aren't canadian anymore. i also look at it as money and jobs going out of the country. i'm also tired of watching big business gobble up small ones. of companies contracting out jobs instead of hiring workers just to save a few bucks. and it's not just sending jobs out of the country, it's also sending jobs out of the province. i mean icbc pays someone in ontario to ask how a car repair in bc goes? i get called asking my opinion on vancouver radio stations from someone in alberta? who, although very pleasant, keeps having to check his list everytime i mention a station. because of course, he hasn't heard of any of them.

the thing with all these businesses swallowing each other up, is that it is so hard to keep loyal or disloyal. i buy a cell phone with clearnet, specifically so that i won't have to deal with telus. then they up and sell to telus. my defination of hell is trying to deal with telus customer service. or lack thereof. and they keep fucking calling me to try and get me to switch my internet to them! and everytime i tell them. because of your crappy customer service, i have no desire to give you anymore business than i have to. and if i wasn't tied into a contract with your mobility unit, i would pull that business out as well.

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