Tuesday, August 08, 2006

substitute me for him...

so i've been following (and blogging a little) on another blog about music lately. this has been causing me to get itchy palms and go into new music withdrawal. so i decide to break down and pick up the new new york dolls cd. i head out into the metrotown area as there is both a future shop and an a & b sound there.

first off, future shop. i walk in, forgetting that i have a bunch of stuff in my bag from the library. so i set off all the security alarms. so i go to the till and tell them and the check out girl is like ok i'll just de-magnetize them. and i'm like no, you can't. it's the library's security system. and she's like so?...this is the same response i get when i cut thru wal-mart and the same thing happens. i reply.. the library will have to replace them. she's like and? do these people not understand that these tags cost money and libraries aren't some huge corporation that can easily absorb these costs. am i just expecting too much intelligence from these people? i was a retail whore for longer than i care to remember so maybe i'm judging too harshly. i don't suffer fools easily.

i head over to the music/dvd section and start looking around. one of the many things i dislike about future shop is the product isn't always physically priced correctly. there is this stack of the clash's rude boy dvd but none of them are priced, nor is there a sign letting me know the price. i have to find a staff member and ask him and he's says.. it's in front. and i'm like.. no it's not. i'm not an idiot. (ok, i can be, but not in this case).

future shop only had one copy of the new york dolls in and it sold. at least they carried it. because they don't online. which i find so bizarre. i would have expected it to be the other way.

i head over to a & b and head to the punk section to find the cd. i can't see the new one which surprises me as they had a big ad for it this week. there is a staff member working right beside me so i ask her if they have it. not only does she look for it in the section, she goes and checks into the computer to double check that they are sold out. i ask if they can give a rain check and she says no, but if i special order it, i would get the same price. which i thought was pretty cool of her. i decided see if i could pick it up at another location and she was all happy to call and get them to put it aside.

i ended up buying outlaw country (haggard and hank III) instead of punk rock. but i'm happy to have my new cd's. i picked up the first hank III and i haven't had a chance to listen to it but i have to say.. the packaging is awesome! the photos are just amazing.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ahhh, the dangers of becoming part of the retail mob!

Some music stores can be so frustrating. In some ways it's more understandable that the electronic store clerks have absolutely no musical knowledge, they are after all flogging more expensive things (although I've got to say I've had some pleasant surprises at a&b sound as well - a couple of clerks who fell all over themselves to help when I asked about The Streets), but when hmv clerks have no idea who Dirty Pretty Things are - there's no excuse for that.

I'm glad you found some good cds anyway. I have a hankering to go down to Megatunes now...