Monday, August 28, 2006

let's hear it for the boy..

well that should really be boys.

yesterday was a good media day for me. the strombo show was back on live for the full two hours and with bob... yah! and the show rocked last nite. almost made me forgive them for being away so long.

what i remember from the show. i think there is a new opening. but i can't be sure as i have not been listening since the beginning. nor do i listen every week. i wish they would get the podcast or something up and running. i wonder if standard broadcasting is holding up podcasts as they are partners in puretracks. which is trying to compete with itunes. off hand, i couldn't find any standard stations that offer podcasts. but in fairness, i did not try very hard. and i do have issues with standard so i would like to find a way to blame them. anyways, back to the original point. which was that i think there is a new spoken word humour bit about bad language.

they talked about LA, and learning to like/love L.A. good points were brought up. i love la but as i tell my friends, the first thing you have to do when you go to LA is leave all of your ideas of a city behind and just embrace it for what it is. LA is totally plastic. but if you accept that, then you can enjoy it, and learn to love it. but then my friends say that you love every city you go to. which isn't true as i absolutely hate milan. the last time i was there, i refused to go out of the train station and sat there for hours until our train arrived.

they talked about their love for tom cruise during the top five which pretty much made me want to throw up. i have pretty much hated tom cruise for his entire celebrity life so my slagging him off is not based on his recent train wreck of a public life. enhanced yes, but based on, no. i reluctantly have to agree with one point that was made. and that was how tom cruise does not complain about public life. i hate it when celebrities do that. i do agree that media is way too intrusive but the majority of people who become public figures should know what they are getting into.

i enjoyed the stories from the road. i wish there were more. mr. stroumboulopoulos did say to contact him if you wanted to hear more. haha so not going to happen at this point. i'd be more likely to send him a cd as he once encouraged people to do.

they played 'helpless' by sugar. mr. stroumboulopoulos seemed surprised that it was recognized or asked about.

the emails and myspace went well.

but my favourite moment came at the end of the show, when they were doing their favourite things. bob starting talking about fame and how he like the movie and the tv show. when he started to talk about how he wanted to be bruno as a kid, i lost it. i laughed so hard, i spat my water out. i think bob may become my new non-romantic crush.

after the show, i tuned into the emmys which were just starting as my other boy, kiefer sutherland was scheduled to appear. it turned out to be a good nite there as well, as my boy not only appeared, looking as suave as ever (i offer up the following for visual proof..., but earned his first emmy on either his seventh or eighth try.

my other emmy memories...

i was dissapointed that gregory itzin didn't win. i thought he was awesome on 24. and i also really like jean smart as well.

i was glad to see jon stewart and the daily show win again. and he and colbert were so funny presenting the reality award, especially when they brought up losing to barry manilow.

i loved greg garcia's speech about who he didn't want to thank.

all in all, a fine day in media for me.


The Stroumboulopouli said...

668 you did a much better recap than I.
Gemini nominees are up on the blog. You ready for those now?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ha ha.. maybe i should have submitted this for a guest shot....

for the award show? it's so far away...