Thursday, August 10, 2006

one is the loneliest number..

it's inevitable. if you decide to run down to the mall just to grab a few things and are looking pretty rough, you will run into someone you know and have not seen in a very long time. i went down to the store to pick up my dog's medication and ran into this guy i went to school with. i was not looking my best. definately not my best.

i can't help but glance at the magazines in the stores. i love magazines. maybe it's because they are all bright and shiny. i notice that one of the tv weeklies has this headline.. sexiest canadians on tv (or something like that). i am intrigued already when i see that on the cover is mr. stroumboulopoulos' picture as best export. which then reminds me that i really should blog my thoughts down on the cancellation of the one. i buy the magazine and quickly look and he has been named sexiest newsman. i remember when newsmen weren't so sexy. i know a few people who would object to him being chosen. they would be casting their vote for ian hanomansing..or as we call him ian handsomemansing. who i just found out was born in trinidad. whooo hooo! maybe i'll object too!

speaking of mr. handsomemansing, i got the funniest thing from the cbc last year. it is an ian handsomemansing baseball card.

i've had a few discussions with friends over the cancellation of the one. what i found interesting was that although everyone had heard of the show (which surprised me actually), no one had heard it got cancelled. i am not surprised to see it cancelled, the ratings were too much of an embarrassment (ok, i had to look up the spelling for this and the definition amused me...embarrassment is an unpleasant emotional state) for abc to continue with the show. however, it's too bad they couldn't at least wrap the show up and declare a winner and let one of the beautiful karaoke people win.

i think what really bugged me about the show was the poor production values. i understand the show is live but there were rehearsals. was somebody not paying attention to makeup? or sound? this isn't some local cable station but a major american network. and why on earth would you schedule this opposite rockstar supernova?! everyone i know that might have watched the show, was watching supernova. which is basically the same idea, but with more talented people.

i was listening to the strombo show after the cancellation and something was said that i have to coment on. mr. stroumboulopoulos mentioned that the one got better ratings than the daily show. i am sorry but that is such a bad comparision. the one is on a channel that americans get for free and the daily show is on a channel that they have to pay for. not to mention that fact that the daily show runs at a time when a good deal of people are asleep. sorry, that comparison does not impress me.


Barbara said...

I love that song! Three Dog Night!
Ya know what. It might have been low ratings in the US (3 million)but that's more people than watch The Hour in Canada. ;-)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i wonder what three million translates into in percentages. of course, now i have to figure this out...

ok, if i have done my math correctly, three million US means approx. 1% of the population watched. of course, i don't know what the ratings of the hour are.