Saturday, August 26, 2006

i woke up in love this morning...

made the annual trek to the pne this week. i love the pne. it's all about eating, animals, shopping and hanging out with my girls.

as always, we say we are going to get there early but always end up running late. this year, we went on a monday because david cassidy was playing. going on a monday rocks! much less people and less lineups for the washrooms..:)

our first major event was the motorcross boys. damn, those boys are fit! apart from enjoying watching the sport as is, it is a bonus at the end watching them strip off their shirts... i am definately going to hell...:) sitting on those benches sure does make me miss the demolition derby tho.

then it was off to the showmart (do they still call it that?) to look at all the crazy as seen on tv stuff. my favourite cleaner man was there for the first time. i have named him banana man because he sells cleaner made from banana oil. and i was glad i chose to buy mr. stickey (although it has a new name this year) at stampede as they did not make it out to the pne this year. i am still fascinated by the plastic air tight containers but alas, they are too expensive for me to try.

next up, superdogs. i was hoping that my friends would get the same surprise i did at stampede but i was dissapointed. the regular host who retired last year did not appear. his partner chase was the host instead. which is what we thought might happen. i guess i was lucky in calgary that the old host did the show there. chase was ok, but he needs to camp it up a bit. and jesus christ, the sound was loud. they really need to mic the show differently when it is barely 1/2 full. we all had our ears covered for most of the show, and we were not the only ones. i felt sorry for the dogs. it must have been sonically loud for them. my favourite new dog at the show was a young boxer named hambone.

off to the barns. saw horses, cows, llamas, bunnies, sheep. made friends with a goat in the petting zoo. i love goats.

and then, time for david cassidy. we got there about 1/2 hour early and managed to find some space on a sidewalk to sit. the crowd was pretty excited. lots of older females but lots of males as well. david cassidy opened with a cover of deep purple's 'hush'. at that moment, i knew that this was not going to be a sad oldies show(like the time we attempted to sit thru the platters) but a fine ole' time. he even had a chick drummer! he looked as if he was throughly enjoying himself, touched all his fans up front and even signed some comic book on him that he had never seen before. he was funny, swore a lot and even got a little political at one point. at first, we were worried because he sounded like he was going to come off as a "bush/harper" lover but it turned out to be the opposite. whoo hooo.. you go david! i could even handle his choice of beatles covers ("no reply" and "you've got to hide your love away") as i don't hear them that often. he did do "all you need is love" which normally would make me puke but it was spontaneous and just after he did his political rant. and he closed with 'i woke up in love this morning' and "i think i love you".

after that, it was a walk round the midway in an attempt to play a game. all the prizes sucked this year. they were all that annoying thing from the ringtone commerical. and they changed skee ball! plastic balls instead of wood? what's up with that?

foodwise, i did ok this year. wiggly fries, some bbq chicken and of course, mini donuts. i decided that if i was 16 years old, i would want to work at the bbq chicken stand as all the boys there were hot hot hot.. in more ways than one.

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