Wednesday, August 09, 2006

you're the devil in disguise

and not in a good way. i see my favourite demon "steve" (if bush can call him that, i can call him that) harper is at it again. don't even get me started right now on the way he's fucked up the israel/lebanon situation. and then not showing up at the world outgames. and now, to not even bother to go international aids conference? how insulting is that? even given his opinion of homosexuals, does he not understand that aids is not a gay issue anymore? to me, it just seems like if you are not one of him (ie..white, male, suburban businessman), he just doesn't care about you. the man makes me so angry that i can not even discuss him rationally. when i started this rant, i was all like.. ok, think clearly, try and bring up some intelligent points and discuss things in a reasonable manner. and now, i'm all like.. you suck. i hate you. grrrrrr.... i probably should delete this but i'll post it anyway.

i was at dinner the other day and we were discussing our favourite crazy conspiracy theories. here were some of the favourites.

1. the holmes/cruise baby does not exist.
2. if it does exist, it is an alien.
3. the fbi does not exist.
4. if it does exist, it is basically a two man operation just for show.
5. stephen harper is a robot.

i'll tell you one thing that really bugs me about stephen harper. this may sound like a dumb, petty thing but i think certain things that are small can show more about a situation than big things. and i tend to believe nothing in the public eye is an accident. that every action is done for a reason. could stephen harper please get a decent suit that fits him?! and a colour that flatters him? if i see him in a brown improperly fitted suit one more time, i am going to scream. you are the prime minister of canada and as much as i hate it, you represent us. you are a very rich man and you can afford it. it bugged me during the election as it just seemed like a ploy to get him to look more like he was one of "us", the working class. ok, but now you are elected, please dress properly.

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