Sunday, August 20, 2006

yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy

well, not anymore but yesterday my tummy was full of chocolatey goodness. finally went and did the chocoholic buffet at sutton place hotel. i've been wanting to try this out since i tried out death by chocolate at the fairmont in calgary. i have to say, the sutton place one was way better. i enjoyed death by chocolate but afterwards, i didn't have a huge desire to go again. the selection just didn't do it for me.

however, the selection at the sutton was amazing. our favourites were the bread pudding made with chocolate croissants! with no raisins! and the crepes. the crepes were particularly good as we found that it was actually better to eat them without chocolate and instead use the fresh lemons or oranges as it kinda gave your system a break.

there was tons of different kinds of cakes, profiteroles, and this yummy chocolate ganache with lots of fruit for dipping.

we all stuffed ourselves and i would definately do this again. but not for a long while...:) it's going to take me awhile to recover.

the only negative thing i can say about it, is the service isn't the best in the world. and considering the prices, it really should be much better. the host/hostesses were all great (they actually made us giggle as we came in, they were like.. you smell nice), and the crepe lady was awesome. but the people who actually took care of our table, it was like they gave up on us. i tried to order a drink but nobody wanted to take my drink order. and they kept taking away our napkins. umm, i am eating a lot of gooey chocolate right now, i kinda need my napkin. so we kept having to steal the napkins off the table next to us.

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