Sunday, November 26, 2006

feels so good tonight, who cares about tomorrow...

here is the weekly strombo show recap. yah, it's pretty late. and i couldn't read my notes. whatever. :)

my random thought this week, if bob is potentially my non-romantic crush, then alex is the cool kid i was afraid to sit with in the cafeteria. not the obviously cool kid. but the one that intimidated me more.

the players – bob, alex, mr. stroumboulopoulos

alex will be debuting a new segment. it’s called this week with bob.

bob is wearing a santa claus hat. and a scarf. (i was always kinda impressed that he wears scarves and then i realized.. d’oh, it’s in ontario. of course they wear scarves.) the hat was bought it at the santa claus parade. alex has a new jacket and hair cut. mr. stroumboulopoulos is wearing a danzig t-shirt. black, of course. alex mentions that mr. stroumboulopoulos has not said anything about his new haircut. he counters with, i’m not dating you.

the santa claus parade was discussed. mr. stroumboulopoulos has never been that he can remember. bob went on assignment for 'the hour'. he was actually in the parade. bob says that once you have a camera, you have unbelievable power. i have a camera, please get out of my way. alex went to the parade as a kid. bob looked around at all the screaming kids and thought, that’s so cute. i’m ready for kids. they want to know if his wife knows. bob asks mr. stroumboulopoulos if he has ever looked at kids and thinks maybe it’s not such a bad idea. mr. stroumboulopoulos ask how he is supposed to answer, truthfully or what is best for the bit. he answers, no, it’s not my thing in my life. i’m a man, in 15 years i can have kids. (see toccata’s response (it’s called strombo you are so wrong! i am having trouble linking it properly) i just don’t feel that way. alex thinks that bob will make a great dad, playing in the sand, eating crap with them. bob says he can relate to kids. alex (i think) says it’s going to be a handful for bob’s wife.

someone for another radio station is listening in. bob wants to know if they are stealing bits. alex doesn’t want them to steal bob’s week.

new york groove – ace frehley. mr. stroumboulopoulos hates kiss.

saint hilarious is discussed. (personally, i prefer saint dymphna. if you are interested, she is listed on my sidebar). bob thinks being pope would be hilarious. mr. stroumboulopoulos would have to give it up. celibate? how long would i last? however, you do get a bitchin’ hat. the idea of doing a pope movie like ‘king ralph' is discussed. bob is trying to talk and he is waving his hand around like horshack while mr. stroumboulopoulos is yapping away. mr. stroumboulopoulos did not realize he wanted to talk, he thought he was celebrating.

bob mentions the story on the new pentagon guidelines for homosexuality. mr. stroumboulopoulos thinks this is insane. (i can not even type them.)

another great bob quote… i’m going to leave you a trail of bread crumbs to find your way back to the conversation.

mr. stroumboulopoulos reads evelyne’s myspace message and mentions she named her goat after him. alex says they have goats in quebec? i didn’t know they could have them in the city. alex thinks the goat is in montreal.

bob forgot to wear the weightlifter pants.

barbara w and her fortune cookie is discussed. and whether or not he ate it. bob says look at me, of course i ate it. alex says don’t eat candy from a stranger. bob says barbara’s not a stranger.

donnie tells a story about being at the subway and a little child was running around. there was an older gentleman and the kid ran over his legs. the man said hey you, stop that. he did not use harsh language. the kid’s father says something like don’t talk to him like that. i am his father. and the man said then you be the kid’s father and father him.

mr. stroumboulopoulos says i don’t really have a father, but i have good male role models. (ok i don’t really understand my notes here) something about keeping you damn mouth shut and giving them the opportunity to parent. unless the child is impeding you.

bob disagrees with mr. stroumboulopoulos in that the man should have spoken to the parent, not the child.

alex thinks bob is a little bit wrong and mr. stroumboulopoulos is very much right. if a child is punching me, i’m going to have a go at him. i don’t care how old you are. if you are stepping all over me, be prepared to bring it. cuz i’m stepping all over you. peels of laughter all around the studio. (i am sooo with alex). bob has nothing to add to that.

bob wants to know how old is too old for a backpack. alex doesn’t get why. bob feels that he is too old for a backpack.

my comment on the old man being my new hero is read. and there is lots of phone calls on the parenting issue. stuff about parents not paying attention and they teach to teach kids responsibility.

alex declares the backpack as the new briefcase and bob is just behind with the times.

someone myspaces in about seeing a dad hitting their kid with a stick. bob says you have to stay out of it then changes it to no you do have to say something. he talks about what it is like being a guy. how you see a guy yelling at a woman and you are not sure if you should get involved. (that is tough as a woman as well.) mr. stroumboulopoulos says he did that once.

they find out the child being hit was 4 or five and they said yes, you have to get involved.

mr. stroumboulopoulos said he and a friend were coming out of a bar and saw a guy push a girl up against the wall. he and his friend crossed their arms and pinned the guy against the wall. someone ran into the doughnut shop and called the police. the girl punched the guy in the face while he was pinned up against the wall. this is not helping! but they had to get involved.

the debut of this week in bob. funky theme song.

bob and alex sit on the other end of the room, opposite each other. early this week, bob came up to alex and told him he needed to come up with a bit. and this just came to him. mr. stroumboulopoulos mentions that alex has notes. alex says this is my point of view. mr. stroumboulopoulos says alex tends to be brutally honest. alex says i’m not going to be mean, bob is my friend and i’m not going to make him cry. i just go to work and try to live my life.

monday – nothing. alex wasn’t thinking about this then. it came up later on.
tuesday – bob comes up to alex. actually alex goes up to bob and bob asks him ‘would you like to go to dinner with me and jim richards? alex asks when? and bob says friday. doesn’t jim work on friday until ten. ok let’s do it saturday. and bob walks away. alex thinks did you even ask him? no, i know you didn’t because he was in florida. you moved the date to a totally different date. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he went out with jim when he got back and says alex came out as well. they went to the new james bond flick.
wednesday – i don’t remember. perhaps something happened. i wasn’t paying attention.
thursday - was the day alex came up with this bit. this is the birthday of this week in bob. bob is writing it down. bob asks him to shoot something for a bit on the show that is debuting next week. he asks what time and bob says be in the office at 9 in the morning tomorrow. on friday, there is no show and they don’t have to come in until 10 or 11.
friday – alex is in at 9am. what times does bob decide to come in? ten! mr. stroumboulopoulos asks is this true? bob says 9.45. alex says he strolls in, not a care in the world. while, he’s been sitting at his desk in a completely empty office. bob wants to know if he gets to respond. alex says he is almost done. alex doesn’t bring it up. bob is leaving at the regular time and bob says to him on the way out. oh by the way, we aren’t going to have dinner. mr. stroumboulopoulos asks if that is true. bob says he doesn’t really remember. alex was pretty mad at the time, but he’s over it.

mr. stroumboulopoulos finds the new segment funny. (me too!). alex says it’s all true from his point of view. bob may have completely legitmate reasons.

bob says that he e-mailed jim about dinner. and the ten o’clock thing was true. and on leaving, he hadn’t heard from jim. bob and alex are like lucy and ethel. mr. stroumboulopoulos says he sits on the opposite side of the room and sees it all happening. he wants to film it on his camera phone and post it on his website.

comic relief was discussed. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that the scariest thing he has ever done was five minutes of standup comedy at the winnipeg comedy festival. bob says you couldn’t pay him enough to do it.

advice time.

mr. stroumboulopoulos has a question from kelly who thinks they will think it’s a stupid teenager thing. she has a friend who is her dream guy and she loves him. he is social with everyone. it would crush her if he ever became awkward with her. she is normally a cold hearted person. she is 15 years old. bob says don’t say anything. it’s a tough one. most situations don’t work out the way you want them too. if you don’t say anything, you can still keep the friendship and you may not feel this way in a year from now. the second you go there, all bets are off. make sure you can live with it. alex says he thinks bob is right. but i disagree. he is likely not into her. but he says do it, it works in the movies. tell him, see what happens. it’s high school, so it’s awkward for everyone. mr. stroumboulopoulos says use being 15 to your advantage. it is when things are supposed to be awkward. alex has a good point. bob is right, there is a greater risk of being hurt. bob says offense gets headlines, but defense wins games.

wave of mutilation – pixes

another teaser of frank black's interview.

mr. stroumboulopoulos says the show has just flown by today (true!)

mr. stroumboulopoulos mentions a conversation on myspace. alex wants to know shouldn’t they be listening to us? talk of a chatboard and real time comments are discussed. bob says that sounds exciting and new.

talk of mitch hedberg. someone asks about being upset by his death. mr. stroumboulopoulos says yes he is. alex ask didn’t that happen awhile ago? get over it. a lot of people die. mr. stroumboulopoulos says mitch was a special kind of comic. someone asks for recommendations on comics. they recommend nile seguin .

jordan from montreal calls in. he is having problems with this girl he was supposed to go to the movies with yesterday. there was a confusion over the time and now she is mad at him. it was something like seven o’clock vs. eight o’clock. mr. stroumboulopoulos says give her a call, send her an email saying it was an honest mistake, and you appreciate the fact that you left her wondering. nothing is going to stop a girl that’s pissed. bob says get her a little present. not a big present that means there is something big going on.

a teaser about barbara's fortune cookie. which is never disucssed.

melissa joins in for the last 15 minutes and tells them make it good. melissa is so freakin’ funny, she kills me.

webcams and being naked/in boxer shorts is discussed. bob and mr. stroumboulopoulos apparently did a radio show in boxers . alex says i just barfed in my mouth. mr. stroumboulopoulos said it was the best way to keep guys out of the studio. bob once said he would kiss dave navarro on the mouth on that show. he is ashamed now.

things they like.

mr. stroumboulopoulos mentions the homemade kids tattoo gun kit . he wants to get one for his nephew for christmas. bob says his little nephew loves bowties. and for a big day at school, he wears a suit. now, i think he said that his nephew wants to get bob a pink striped suit for his birthday. a handsome man suit. or maybe the nephew wanted the suit.

bob doesn’t like the new gwen stefani song but has decided to give up. because he will hear it 20 times and then love it. mr. stroumboulopoulos likes gwen stefani and doesn’t mind the song.

alex likes bob because without him we wouldn’t have the segment this week with bob.

the end.


Toccata said...

Nicely done. It's fun to read especially when I've heard the show because it brings back the spots that I enjoyed and makes me laugh a second time.

Will you be listening tonight?If so enjoy.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...


yep, i'll be listening. at least for awhile. i'm pretty tired today.

Toccata said...

Oh my God! Did you hear that Cindy chick? That was hilarious. Wow. Although her last quick comment about do you have freckles made me pause. I have freckles! What's her point?! lol

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i know! what was up with her?! she was so mean to bob. :)

Allison said...

OK, somebody needs to tell them to get on the technology for macs, I miss hearing Alex argue wth everyone!!

Thanks for the recap, yet again :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

well, they talked about podcasting again last nite. hopefully they will be able to get it together soon.

Evelyne said...

Thanks 668, I really liked that show, Alex was hilarious! And this week in Bob is so funny, I liked that Alex did not let Bob talk during his segment!

Toccata said...

How are you surviving the snow? Hope you had a snow day today. Victoria is shut down tight. They say tomorrow is going to be worse. Ok I am done with the snow! It can leave now. We've had our little fun now it's time for the snow to melt!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i love this week in bob!

no snow day for me today :(

Toccata said...

Sorry to hear you had to work. I know it's not where you want to be but I'm hoping you're still enjoying the co-workers and you don't have to endure any nasty customers.

This week in Bob is hilarious. The more Alex the better. I also love his, don't give a crap about other people attitude.

Barbara said...

I was wondering where all the snow was... Toronto is still weirdly mild with no sign of snow yet...why did I put on winter tires?
Great recap 668. I don't think we will ever know what the cookie said...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

so far, co-workers are swell and no real nasty customers. stupid yes, nasty no.

yah,i heard toronto is going thru some freak warm spell. enjoy!