Friday, November 10, 2006

i've been waiting....

now, normally i would post my thoughts on last week's 'the hour' but i'll combine last week and this week and do it with the next strombo recap as it all relates and i'm behind in the post. because believe me, i have stuff to say.

this week's strombo show was not live. they tried to hide it but something seemed off. and then it was discovered. it was less enjoyable taped.

as always, accuracy is optional. :)

the strombo recap. the players, mr. stroumboulopoulos, bob, and alex.

bob’s birthday is nov. 10th. bob is the only friend that mr. stroumboulopoulos remembers when their birthday is. bob guesses that mr. stroumboulopoulos’ birthday is aug. 23rd and when informed it is wrong, replies damn it! i was really trying. alex flew down for mr. stroumboulopoulos birthday. mr. stroumboulopoulos thinks jim richards birthday is jan 11th. guys are different than girls. girls mark their friends birthdays down. mr. stroumboulopoulos calls bob’s birthday, forgettance day. alex asks mr. stroumboulopoulos when alex’s birthday is. mr. stroumboulopoulos states.. it just past right? yah, a year ago. (december)

the gemini awards were discussed. mr. stroumboulopoulos says there were fun. he was up for a viewers choice award for host of a lifestyle show. which he feels that he does not host. he liked jeff (the i am canadian) guy who hosts a show on history tv. he feels that he is a good host and voted for him. he also used to work with the winner. bob doesn’t support canadian tv. i think alex’s choice was the winner as well. mr. stroumboulopoulos sat with cara pifko (from this is wonderland) and her partner. he was told to sit down in his seat by the floor wrangler when it was time for his award. he wanted to reference lenny on the simpsons, with his hands on his chin. when he didn’t win he had a moment of relief as he didn’t know what he was going to say. he wanted to make a joke. bob made him do a speech which went something like this. thank you for your votes. its very sweet of you. it’s about the team around you. i want to thank newsworld, cbc, etc. i’ll never be as great as jim richards. give this to him. viva le revolution. bob is disappointed. he wanted him to pull a kanye west.

kanye west clip of him losing played. they discuss how he used to be the best, but got lazy. and how he is everything that is wrong with hip hop. and that his shtick is boring.

‘golddigger' - kanye west

‘i’m waiting for the man’ – velvet underground

pastor ted is talked about. and prostitutes and happy endings (ie..bringing you to orgasm). alex is asking lots of questions. mr. stroumboulopoulos tells him he needs a girlfriend.

saddam’s death sentence is discussed. bob is against, so is alex. the idea of leaving toys at the top of the stairs and having him walk around is toyed with. because of the fact that most accidents happen in the house. have him drive around without a seat belt on.

questions about stuff.

bob is in the park with his 5 year old nephew. a dog with a muzzle is there. the nephew wants to pet the dog. a discussion on what kind of dog it is follows. it is a brown dog. this satisfies alex. bob quickly jumped in to stop his nephew. did he do the right thing? mr. stroumboulopoulos does not trust any animals. he doesn’t trust horses. nobody eats an apple with a core. when he came home, his cats were meowing and he knew they were thinking ‘did you put the toys at the top of the stairs?”. animals with muzzles he does trust. he feels bob did the right thing as it wasn’t his kid. alex doesn’t trust monkeys. because they are very clever. bob doesn’t trust dolphins, because it’s always the quiet ones. he saw a documentary and learnt that dolphins are mean. the males coerce the females to follow in line. his wife is smart too. he doesn’t trust her either.

howlin’ wolf is discussed. this leads to a discussion about what the term ‘salad days’ means, as alex wants it explained. bob says that alex is right, it’s a silly phrase. this leads to a discussion on salad. bob feels ripped off by salad. mr. stroumboulopoulos does not like salad. bob wants to know if people eat salad at the end of the meal. he finds it more enjoyable. mr. stroumboulopoulos likes to eat it last as he likes to eat the hot meal first. bob finds it is good for the digestion at the end. (i know a number of people who eat salad last)

bob says ‘internets’. mocking all around.

grand theft auto is discussed. mr. stroumboulopoulos goes into a long description of this. alex disagrees with the need for this (i have to admit, i stopped listening at this point). alex gets told not to ask what any turns of phrases mean anymore. just google it. the new gta will have a mission to kill phil collins in it.

it is ike turner's birthday . rocket 88 is possibly the first rock n roll song recorded. yes he is a bad guy who beat his wife. but so did pablo picasso and others. does he deserve to be vilefied about these? do the crime, do the time. it is also ryan adams and bryan adams birthday. parker posey is called the new wynona ryder as she has dated ryan adams among others. mr. stroumboulopoulos is holding out for her.

bob and his family think roller bladders are perverts.

last sunday, mr. stroumboulopoulos drops everyone home after the show (as per alex’s contract) next morning, he goes to his car and the contents of his glove compartment are astrew in his car. he thinks, god i was so tired, i don’t remember doing that. where’s my hockey gear? the thieves left everything (cds, sticks) and only took his gear. he thinks his alarm scared them off. he slept thru it. their pal jeff calls and leaves a message with bob. basically that he was glad it got stolen, he’s a dope for leaving his equipment in the back of his car. and that he has rollers on his bag. mr. stroumboulopoulos retorts, i don’t have rollers, i used to. he has a new bag that he can carry on his back on his bike. his stuff stinks so bad, he doesn’t need to bring it in the house so he locks it in the car. alex adds in, don’t steal but i’m glad because your car stunk.

alex, bob and bob’s wife had dinner this week and discussed haggling. alex was shocked that bob’s wife goes into stores with the attitude can i pay less for that? mr. stroumboulopoulos does not haggle. is it fundamentally lazy (bob) or is it cheap (mr. stroumboulopoulos )? mr. stroumboulopoulos’ baba amused him by haggling with the cute store clerk while buying a bra. bob’s father in law tried to work out a better price on the bus when he first arrived from italy.

police and thieves – the clash

advice time

jyll the intern. she has had a guy friend for five years. he’s cute. alex is already.. i can see where this is going. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that’s the problem with men, they don’t listen. jyll and the friend hook up. september is great. october he has been avoiding her. she decides they need to have a little ‘talk’? (mr. stroumboulopoulos.. oh god). he didn’t want to talk. he didn’t want to ruin the friendship. he felt they had no spark. she says that up to that time, they had lots of spark. she feels bitter, jaded and rejected. mr. stroumboulopoulos says that feeling never goes away. move on. he’s a stupid boy who couldn’t be man enough to deal with it. bob says that some friends are friends. others are friends you are going to sleep with. alex says boys are stupid, you’re probably better off without him. bob goes on saying that people who are attracted to each other are going to get together or stop seeing each other. you had five years of friendship, not everyone gets that. bob insists that friendship doesn’t work out after you sleep together. mr. stroumboulopoulos says it has for me.

don’t want to know if you are lonely - hüsker dü . i probably shouldn’t keep repeating that they play this. but it makes me happy.

love will tear us apart – joy division . mr stroumboulopoulos sings. alex tells him you are ruining the song. the song is being played as bob’s wife didn’t want the intense classical music that he usually starts the day out with. so he’s been playing this song.

bob on alex. the kid was good.

bob had mcdonalds for breakfast on thursday. and everyday since. mr. stroumboulopoulos goes on about his boycott of mcdonalds (and yet, i believe he had done voice over work for them.) he says he is going to break soon. he wants a big mac, mcnuggets, cheeseburger….

a discussion of ‘the hour’ review in now magazine.. (i’d post the link but it does not seem to be working). they talk about how the guy ripped mr. stroumboulopoulos’ head off. he doesn’t care about the criticism. bob is proud of it as he wrote most of the jokes that the reporter said sucked.

mr. stroumboulopoulos wants to be introduced to new music. he wants to keep his site as one on one as humanely possible. he will be updating it regularly and email him stuff to post. or send a message (not a comment) thru myspace. that way he can transfer it over.

things they liked

alex likes the fact that he did not fall asleep during the movie ‘death of a president. he feels it shows restraint.
mr. stroumboulopoulos likes the movie “a guide to recognizing your saints” directed by dito montiel, from gutterboy.
bob likes the fact that tom waits has a new record coming out. they love tom waits. bob says, don’t hate the bands, hate the fans. he feels waits has better lyrics than dylan. maybe. mr. stroumboulopoulos says maybe currently, not old dylan. cash/dylan/waits are icons. (oddly enough, my friend and i have had the same discussion)

bob also likes the fact that dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince are touring again. if you didn’t like the tv show, maybe you were too cool.

the end.


Allison said...

lol...I love that he doesn't trust apples 'nobody should eat an apple and the core'...funny stuff!

I agree that something's always off when things are taped, I remember this summer (actually that's when I stopped listening) when it was taped, it was just off.

thanks for the recap!

Barbara said...

I saw a rollerblader last night and thought, 'pervert!'... then I wondered where the hell that thought came from. I remembered Bobs comment and now it's stuck in my head...
I don't really think rollerbladers are any more perverted than anyone else...

Toccata said...

Last year I loved the radio program. Had lots of lol moments but this year it's not working for me. I start to listen but find I tune out part way through. I do like Alex though. His pessimistic view, and laid back way of delivering his comments works for me.

By the way I really like Bob Dylan's latest CD, Modern Times.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i do take offense at spandex and roller bladers tho! that's just wrong.

i think what's wrong for me when it's taped is that it loses that one on on feel. which is strombo's strong point as a personality. he is extremely good at making you feel part of the action. oh, i should stop now and add this to my hour post.

glad to hear you like alex. i think he has really been coming into his own as a personality. he's got a hard job going up against bob and strombo. and the last couple of weeks, he's been awesome.

Barbara said...

It will be 'live' this Sunday. It was taped last week because George had to do a talk in London ON.
So the choice was no George on the live show or taped... what would you prefer?
When Alex was on because Bob was away this past spring we did a poll about keeping Alex on the show. Do you remember that?

Evelyne said...

Thanks for the recap!
i really like Alex, he is so funny and he loves to hates what George likes.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

that's a good question barbara. i think what bugged me was that they tried to pretend it was live.

and i would be totally fascinated by hearing a show with just bob and alex. but i am not sure how live it would feel because bob can't work myspace and alex probably wouldn't let anyone comment on his. :)

i remember that poll, was it this spring? i thought it was later. i do know i voted, and at that point, i thought alex should just be a special guest, because he hadn't found his voice yet.

evelyne - that part always kills me. alex disagreeing with everything strombo says. i like him more and more each week. i would ask to be his "friend" but i couldn't handle the rejection!