Tuesday, November 21, 2006

she works hard for the money....

ok, i've been at my new job for two days. and for two days, i have been on the shop floor. umm, i believe i was told i was going to be receiving! i am hoping this is only training and eventually i will be moved to the back.

after my first day, i was convinced i had made a horrible mistake. what was i thinking, going back to retail? now, let me make this clear, i have no issues with people working in retail. i worked retail for a good portion of my working life. i do not think i am beneath retail. but i was working and feeling so god damn low. it just made me feel like i hadn't accomplished anything in my life. oh, look, i am back working the first job i ever had. and i'm working way more than i originally wanted to.

however, after my second day, i am feeling a bit better. the people there are so nice. it doesn't seem like anyone has an agenda. i forgot what that was like. nobody is after my job. nobody is trying to make me look bad. and i was talking to this girl, and she said that in a couple of weeks, everyone will be out of school, and it probably would be easy to cut my hours down.

i just wish i could get some decent sleep. i had to get up early on monday, because i had to go replace my sin card. i was going to do this on friday, but it was raining really hard, i felt like crap, and the place i had to go is five minutes away from my new work. i go there, and oddly enough, everyone is super nice there. i'm sorry, you are a government agency, i am not used to this. however, they informed me that my birth certificate is unacceptable to them. i now have to send it in to some other goverment agency, tell that that the first government agency has deemed it unacceptable and they need to replace it, free of charge.

on the other job front, i have an interview on friday with the girl who hates my friend. and now, i realize that i have this friend down as a reference. i guess i'd better change that before i go in.

the woman who seemed desperate to talk to me called me this morning. it ends up being a phone interview. surprise! anyways, i have no idea how i did. she said that she would now pass my resume on to the people who are actually going to be in charge of the hiring and they will decide whether or not they want to see me. she asked me that awful question of how much do i want. i made up a figure, that i kinda lowballed and she said that i was in the right range. i guess we will see if i get called in.

i got another call from a job i didn't think i would get called for. it's for a big union job. i have passed phase one. i now need to do some kind of online test. if i pass that, i will then move onto phase three. interviews. i have no idea what kind of test this is. i have the link, but i haven't opened it yet. i figure i probably have to be awake for it.

i did some more online tests for my temp agency. i feel good about this. i feel confident saying i have intermediate skills. bordering on advance.

and today, i got a call from another place about temping. so, it's looking good.


Barbara said...

See when it rains it pours but in a good way.

Toccata said...

Life rarely spins us in the direction we had planned. Here's hoping life spins you in a surprising direction that surpasses your expectations. I'm glad the people you're working for are nice. The work environment is so important and crucial to how one feels about their job.

My boss makes me work far too many hours too. Oh wait, I'm self-employed that would be me I'm complaining about! I love teaching one-on-one but sometimes I think I am working way too hard and getting absolutely no where.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It looks as though opportunities are really starting to open up for you, and that of course is due to all the hard work you have put into these job searches. Good for you!

Allison said...

Happy to hear things are looking up.
I hate phone interviews! I'm horrible at them, an especially worried, because a lot of my grad school interviews might be over the phone, yikes!
Hope you're able to get some sleep!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

it's crazy how life works huh?

i've been working a little less out on the shop floor and a little bit in the back. not much tho. but today i got to help a lot of cute boys so that was ok. :)

toccata - give your boss a hard time! haha.