Friday, November 24, 2006

going to the chapel...

ok, so a bunch of us have been playing marry, shag or cliff that barbara aka bad tempered zombie (i love that name!) posted. i got to thinking about this while i was driving down in the states (hey, i was alone, i did a lot of thinking) and i came up with this trio.

since so many of us are cbc buffs, i thought it only appropriate that we should do a cbc trio. so, people, here are your three cbc choices.

strombo, jian or mercer. (maybe i should change jian to ian handsomemaning since jian has taken a beating already. and i hadn't realised that jian had been mentioned so often)

after careful deliberation, here is my decision.

even tho neither of us believe in marriage, i'd marry mr. stroumboulopoulos. i could pick any number of reasons, but i give you this one. i would marry him because i want to add his extremely complicated last name to my extremely complicated last name, ensuring that nobody would ever get my last name right. good lord, i don't even think i could get id with both of the names on it. and i would never ever be able to fill out an application form again.

and even tho, i think it would be the most dissappointing night ever in the history of shagging (i'm thinking the fact that i'm female may make it impossible), i'd shag mercer. i'd have to save him. i couldn't live in a world without him. who would make me pee my pants every tuesday?

so that lives poor jian to be cliffed. and the reason for this is because i had a semi-bad experience with moxy fruvous. and i think it was jian but i am not sure. i would have to do some research into it, and i'd rather not. if i find out for sure it was him, i couldn't enjoy him anymore.

and if we change jian to ian. then ian would be cliffed because i have seen him when he is not being dressed by the cbc, and well, let's just say it is not good.

but then i thought, since most of us listen to the strombo show, we really should be playing...

strombo, bob or alex.

or is that not right? i couldn't decide.


Toccata said...

Too hilarious! Let's see I'll leave poor Bob out because even though I don't believe in the institution of marriage for myself I also believe in the sanctity of marriage and though shalt not put asunder or whatever the heck the words are. So that leaves George and Alex. Since I believe in having my cake and eating it too want 'em both. Not together but just to compare. Just to shag nothing else no strings attached.

Loved this post it's definitely making my mind wander delicious territory!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for the love on the name!

haha when I read that you wanted to save Rick Mercer, at first I thought you meant you wanted to convert him, not keep him from being cliffed, and thought to myself "I don't think it works that way".

I am rather disappointed that Ian Handsomemansing is only so because CBC cleans him up. My world is rattled.
I don't listen to the Strombo show though, so will have to pass on that question.

tangentB said...
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iduality said...


LOL, great post.

Barb, I thought the same thing on the Mercer front.

I'd cliff bob, shag george and marry alex.

Allison said...

Those posts were me...bloody blogger!!

Toccata said...

What is it with Jian? He's always getting dished now cliffed!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hahaha. saving mercer. even if that was possible, i am not sure i'm the right gal for that task!

he is still handsome in person, he just doesn't have that keen fashion sense that he does on tv. it's funny, my friend saw him out on the street once and she was like, ooooh, he was dressed so bad. but we decided, hey, it's his off time, who knows what he was doing. maybe he was walking the dog or something. i know i don't always look that great in my off time. but then we saw him at this public event and we were like...ewwwww. but still handsome!
just not fashionable.

haha. i knew allison would jump in and defend jian!

Evelyne said...

it is a really good post 668, Bob Alex or George, really good question! I'll have to think about this one.

Toccata said...

This post should definitely get you lots of hits on your sitemaster. Now all you need to do is throw in Lukas Rossi into the mix and you got it made!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

evelyne - merci beaucoup. and i still haven't posted mine yet. i still need to decide. the whole idea of cliffing someone is so hard. unless it is jian... :)

toccata - haha. i never even thought about that!