Thursday, November 23, 2006

super freak...

i was reading allison's post on her half birthday and she talked about things that people do not know about her. i have decided to steal the idea and post a few odd things about myself.

1. as i mentioned to allison, as a child i ate nothing red. except ketchup possibly.

2. one of my goals is to drive in every state and province, taking a picture of the "welcome to" sign. i have yet to figure out how i will manage hawaii.

3. i dislike the number four. immensely. and i love printing the letter q. it makes me happy. seriously.

4. i did not talk until i was three. i learnt to read by the time i was four.

5. i have never changed a diaper.

6. i have not seen any of the following series - lord of the rings, "new" star wars, the matrix, harry potter. i also have not read any of the books either. oh wait, i saw maybe ten minutes of one of the potter movies on a plane once.

7. although i love cemetaries, halloween, being scared and general "gothicness", i can not watch horror movies.

8. i experience deja vu a lot. at least once a week.

9. i never go anywhere uninvited. and the thought of inviting myself somewhere or to tag along is alien to me.

10. i have made up something i call 'closet rules' and as such, i am currently in the process of reading every book i own. and listening to every cd (but that you may know already.)

feel like sharing?


Allison said...

We share number 6...kinda. I've never seen LOTR, or Star Wars, but I have seen Harry Potter, and read all the books.

I've have a thing for signs too, but hwy ones, not the welcome signs. I wish you luck on your goal!

Toccata said...

Why did you not eat anything red? I love that one it's just so quirky. We share number 5 and quite frankly if I get through life without crossing that one off my list I'll be just fine.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Very intriguing.

I cannot print a lowercase letter k and the number 6 makes me very happy. It feels like a round and friendly number, full of possibilies.

Toccata said...

I find it so interesting that people have certain letters and numbers that they are drawn to. I don't think I have any preference whatsoever. I love circles though and what you can do with numbers.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

allison - and i don't have a burning desire to either. and i do have a thing for a lot of different signs as well.

toccata- i came out of the womb, disliking red food. my mother always said that it is because that's all she ate when she was pregnant with me. even now, i am not overly fond of red food. but i do eat some. :) and i am with you on the diaper thing. i have no desire to change that!

barbara - six huh? interesting.

toccata (again - hee hee) - a lot of the numbers thing has to do with the fact that i have done a lot of inventory work. odd numbers bother me because they don't make sense, that way.

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

I didn't speak either till I was three, but I spoke in full sentences. Before that, I pointed. I read at around 4 also.

Evelyne said...

We sort of have number 2 and 10 in common, I really want to cross Canada and the states (car or train)

i own a lot of books that i never read and i want to read all those books one day but the problem is that i keep buying books and i read the new ones and even if the old ones are really good (i guess) i never read them, i have to take the time to read more.

J said...

7.and 8. You and I have that in common.


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

green tea- iced tea - i guess we just didn't have lots to say until then. i think it is awesome you pointed.

evelyn - i have been to both .. are they called mile zero points of the trans canada. the one on vancouver island and then one out in the maritimes. and i own so many books i have never read. so i am forcing myself to read them all, and if i can't read them, then i have to get rid of them. i finally got rid of 'the pickwick papers' by charles dickens. i think i had been trying to read that for ten years!

j- it used to freak me out deja vu, but now i just live with it. i read an explanation on it that was kinda cool once. and i used to be able to watch horror films!