Monday, November 13, 2006

if i were a rich man...

rich people have way too much fuckin' money on their hands.

i was looking at this steve mcqueen auction online yesterday. i can understand wanting to own something by your favourite celebrity. i can even understand paying a few grand for something cool. but someone paid $8500 for his credit card!

i got sent an invitation to a holt renfrew event. i have to post these discounts because the thought of spending that much money on clothes just bothers me.


sunday morning, it was raining here. my dog and i chose to spend the morning in bed watching tv. i ended up watching an episode of that david foster reality show. i just wanted to crawl into the tv and bitch slap both of his self centred greedy little stepsons. you ungrateful little bastards. why don't you try getting a real job and learning how real people live? and if they were my kids, i'd be so embarassed and ashamed i would never let a camera in my house. i would have kicked them to the curb years ago. at least the osbournes were funny. and i understand that much of reality tv is fake, but why would you want to portray yourself like that?

i just think of all the good one could do with money and i just look at the above and think, what a waste.

my mood right now is obviously bitter. this probably has to do with the fact that my new job search is not paying off so far. it looks like i will be taking a crappy retail job (there is nothing wrong with retail, it's just not where i want to be right now) to get out of my current situation and keep hoping for the best.

ok, i need to end on a more upbeat note. the other show i watched sunday was the gene simmons reality show. at least these people seem normal and not freaks. and shannon tweed is pretty cool. she told her weight on tv (150 lbs) which seems about right. and she was totally cool with it. and she kept complaining to this guy that was trying to style her that she wanted real clothes, not barbie clothes, for a real woman.

rant over.


Toccata said...

I can't even imagine having $8500 let alone an extra $8500 that I have nothing better to do than spend it on a credit card you can't use!

Oh, I hope you can find a job at a university in the new year like you were wanting. Job hunting is the worst.

I have such a long day tomorrow and I am so not tired! Agh! Tomorrow is going to kill me.

Allison said...

Yeah, spending 8500$ on an old credit card? Makes no sense to me, none at all.

I can't stomach reality tv.

Good luck on the job search!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thanks for the wishes. i feel less bitter today than yesterday.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Some people have way more money than they have sense, which makes me wonder how they got that money.

How the hell do you spend $5000 on clothes anyway?

Toccata said...

I could never spend $5000 on clothes but I have to admit I like looking a pretty gowns.

Glad to see life seems less sour today 668 aka neighbour of the beast! Hang in there, things will turn around.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

at least with clothes, you can wear them!

i'm hanging in. things were good last nite, ok today.