Wednesday, November 15, 2006

this little piggy went to market...

do nursery rhymes count as songs?

i haven't been able to sleep well for a few weeks. i've been watching youtube. mainly eddie izzard clips. i heart eddie izzard. but i found an interview that i hadn't seen up before so...

and i found this when i was looking for work. it's an inteview done on a local radio station for the music therapy ride.

here is the weekly recap. this week’s excuse for inaccuracies is that i was laughing so much that i didn’t write stuff down.

i logged on earlier than usual this week. so i caught more of the pastor orim show than usual. mr. stromboulopolous stopped in. he was asked if he was voting tomorrow and stated yes, he has never missed an election. good boy.

the trio – bob, alex and mr. stromboulopolous.

“alex will judge you on your answers”

bob has just gotten back from montreal. he bought boots in montreal. montreal is the place to buy boots as they are more european, more stylish there. alex responds with but bob, you are not stylish or flarish. bob is wearing a track suit (or maybe just pants). alex says that says he is too lazy to wear pants. bob comes back with i’ve been in a car for six hours.

bob feels quebec is dramatic. toronto is not. at least not downtown. montreal does not have a bay street, an economic drive. but it does have jobs.

bob wants to know what’s with skinny jeans. mr. stromboulopolous thinks they’re great. alex accuses bob of being old. bob says guys have no genitalia in skinny jeans. mr. stromboulopolous tells him it’s a tuck, just tuck it away. alex wants to know about led zeppelin and their skinny jeans. he is informed that that was never an issue with led zep. mr. stromboulopolous has no problems with skinny jeans. you shouldn’t feel obligated to wear them, wear them if you are comfortable. he doesn’t have the body for them. that’s why there are diesel jeans. bob wants to know if mr. stromboulopolous’ ass ever gets sore from sitting on the fence. mr. stromboulopolous says he has a problem with weightlifter pants. (i am not sure what these are). he does not own a pair of sweat pants and possibly thinks they are asinine (or maybe it was weightlifter pants). bob and him go on about how a guy had to invent these, thinking these track pants are too binding, not baggy enough, too dressy. bob says he is going to wear weightlifter pants for one day and report on it. mr. stromboulopolous asks him to wear them on friday or saturday when he doesn’t have to see him. bob calls it ‘weightlifter pants like me’. (which reminds me .. where is my copy of ‘black like me’? )

melissa myspaces in and wants to know why bob is buying boots when he already owns 46 pairs of shoes. everybody laughs.

alex feels that regular pants are comfortable. mr stromboulopolous says jean are tight. and that alex has a boring job. he counters with i work for you. mr. stromboulopolous no, you work with me.

talk of the us election in 2008. bob suggests brian mulroney. who they decide is too left for stephen harper.

mr. stromboulopolous was in the theatres cheering the trailers for ps3. he can’t wait. he’s daft, he can’t get his head around the controller for whatever he is using now.

the talk turns to a report by the world health organization and people being ill with infections caught in the hospital and some of the cause being blamed on doctors and nurses not properly washing their hands. this doesn’t freak alex out as they think it would. alex replies he is a hypochrondiac, not a germaphobe. mr. stromboulopolous says you have to wash your hands before you eat. the discussion leads to the body being germ resistant not germ proof. bob offers the example of waterproof vs. water resistant. this develops into a conversation on why do we shake hands then? bob wants a handshake ban. hugging is ok. nick brings in purell and bob thinks that it is impossible not to use it when it is in front of you. mr. stromboulopolous is all over that. alex wants to know what’s wrong with them. alex is sick all the time. he tells mr. stromboulopolous that he is sick all the time. mr. stromboulopolous says that he is run down. it’s different.

people are asking why mr. stromboulopolous does not wait until xmas for his ps3. he can ‘t wait. plus he doesn’t really do xmas presents. they are a couple of people that he does but he is not really into it.

stuff segment.

bob said people stopped on the street. how they knew who i was, i don't know. when it is brought up that his photo is on, he says that he asked mr. stromboulopolous to put up another photo. he counters that he has asked him to send one. bob says i’ve known you for 15 years, don’t you have any photos of me. bob says he was shopping for something (turns out to be boots) and the clerk hadn’t heard of the show but her father had. it’s a massive hit.

bob is another year old (37). happy birthday bob. he will take it from everyone. no gifts. send me a card, an email. when i was a kid, that would have be devastating. like the movie 16 candles. when are you too old for presents? alex says they never did presents when he was a kid. not because they were religious. maybe i was bad? around 12, he thinks. that’s when everything starts to go downhill. bob thinks it’s after 19, because then you can drink with friends, and they buy you drinks. mr. stromboulopolous says also you leave it in a bar and some drunk picks it up (i once received a goldfish in a bar). bob says that’s also the time of your life when the day after your birthday is the worst day of the year. after that fades out, you are a grown up. you are happy someone phoned you. barbara w. myspaces in that she gave bob a present. bob says yes, it was a fortune cookie and it was a good fortune for a change. bob goes on how later telling people when your birthday is seems egocentric. mr. stromboulopolous hates that about his birthday. on his bookshelf in his living room, he has two xmas presents wrapped, displayed as a piece of art. these are his presents for bob for two christmas’ in a row. he made them into a piece of art. alex wants to know why he hasn’t given them to bob. he replies that he never got around to it. even tho’ he works with bob five days a week.

bob was eating a filet o’ fish when darby wheeler asked him what exactly it was. you wouldn’t order a cut of meat, it’s not enough to go on. or a boiled vegetable. mr. stromboulopolous wouldn’t as he does not eat anything boiled (i think). filet o’ fish is cod with just a dash of salt. mr. stromboulopolous suggests it’s cod with lot’s wife.

bob is sleeping not bad by his standards, pretty lousy compared to others. alex always sleeps fine. he slept in the middle of the day today, just because he could. mr. stromboulopolous is sleeping terribly. he is going to work with maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep. he’s been sleeping with his two cats and his laptop, listening to dag nasty. he posted on just cuz. he’s not really a blogger. he got a big response from people sharing amazing things. he has been downloading, buying, streaming their songs. bob says insomnia is different when you live with someone. at 3 am everything is possible. 9am proves whether they are or not. hello mr. morning, thanks for ruining my life. the moon and bob have something on the go. insomnia is not just for the wicked. alex asks why mr. stromboulopolous can’t sleep (this is a question non-insomniacs always ask insomniacs. i hate it) mr. stromboulopolous says it has always been like that, since he was sixteen. alex throws out advice, and mr. stromboulopolous says he would love to, but you can’t turn off one’s brain. and then there is that on the verge of a nervous breakdown feeling when you realize you have to get up soon. bob is excited to be up late. you have to submit to it. put on stupid clothing. he wears a toque with reindeer antlers, pom pom slippers and a bathrobe and he is ready for fun. he puts on music like, wagner’s ride of valkyries. eats a grilled cheese sandwich. mr. stromboulopolous had one yesterday at 2.30 am. blue cheese (and fancy bacon i think) . bob says instead of looking at it like you are not able to sleep, look at it like you have the good fortune not to sleep. mr. stromboulopolous says that outfit (i think) is effective birth control. alex calls him the crazy old man on the corner.

amber mac from net@nite comes on. it’s a show about internet stories, not hardware. bob says he wants to learn, but then changes it to he doesn’t want to learn but figures he’d better start learning. amber says the show has a ton of interaction, outside of the host’s dialogue. it can be rather horrifying for the hosts. bob says he is into that. that he has embraced myspace. mr. stromboulopolous says he made bob a profile. bob – what the hell did you do that for?! mr. stromboulopolous says he created it as a gay porn star. bob and alex start googling handsome photos to replace bob’s photo on while the interview is continuing, you can hear them in the background commenting on the photos. bob says that donnie has a hard time talking to women on the bus with their i-pod headphones on. amber replies, that’s the whole point.

deepak apparently wore great red shoes.

alex has taken on the boxer look. he’s pulled his hoodie on. alex says i don’t like people. this whole net thing (the discussion of what amber’s show is like) doesn’t interest him nor does talking with others. he will talk with bob and mr. stromboulopolous.

advice time.

julie from montreal calls in. she has been seeing this guy from work from about two months now and he has told her that he loves her. mr. stromboulopolous says he is either lieing or she is awesome. julie replies i am awesome. the discussion turns to when he said it. as during doesn’t count. she thinks it might have been after. which does count. bob says saying i’m falling in love with you (which mr. stromboulopolous hates) means, i am in love with you but i am sure you are not. mr. stromboulopolous says that julie's guy is irresponsible with his vocabulary. alex wants to know what her problem is? she has a guy that loves her. some people never get that. mr. stromboulopolous says that he said it too early, that it’s too early for him after two years. bob wants to know what alex thinks. alex fine! get out, stay in, why are you bothering us?

don't want to know if you are lonely - hüsker dü (last week i discussed how i probably shouldn’t list this every week, but i love it so i will attempt to add something like a link every week)

mydeathspace is brought up.

comedy is billy connelly. my favourite line was if you are trying to lose weight, don’t eat anything that comes in a bucket.

things we liked.

bob had the world’s most delicious meal. and he likes to eat.

mr. stromboulopolous is getting flak from his saying that he has trouble saying i love you after two years. he says that it was half a joke. and then something about a ball gag. and some day making some girl so happy.

alex likes the festival special at swiss chalet. he went and had it and it was yummy. what he didn’t like was the guy didn’t give him the chocolate. he had to ask ( i hate that!). it’s not a toblerone anymore but lindt chocolate. this ruins it for mr. stromboulopolous . alex says the stuffing was scooped shaped. this may drive bob crazy. or alex. like when you go to a diner and the mashed potatoes are scoop shaped. (i actually like this.) mr. stromboulopolous says dude, i eat food with my hands, i can eat from a scoop. but he is still not getting over the fact that there is no toblerone.

amber likes the fact that there is a new atm type machine near her place that spits out dvds. bob says but you don’t get to deal with the stoned 19 year old clerk. mr. stromboulopolous goes to ammo video on queen street. amber says that alex and her are alike. there are times when i just don’t want to talk to people. bob is aghast. mr. stromboulopolous says he is the worst guy in a video store. he describes a feeling. alex says oh god, please can we end the show now? mr. stromboulopolous gives an example… lush jungle, chase, like the mission without the religious overtones. alex says i would ask you to leave. i understand that you are annoying. i have a new thing i don’t like. george.

bob went to this restaurant in montreal au pied de de cochon that was so good. it was the mecca of meat. there was a couple of vegetables there for show. there was some kind of liver pate (mr. stromboulopolous . i hate liver) and cheese batter. imagine a starburst made of pork. mr. stromboulopolous says he cant’ do liver and bob says, but i had a ‘porkburst”. but it’s solid waste. it’s run by a mad genius. i wanted to rub it on my face. alex says it sounds very orson wells.

what bob didn’t like? he was shoe shopping and says why do they all sound like this? music plays. everybody laughs. bob says he has to wait outside as they all sound like bad techno from 1999. they talk about how they will shop at stores with good music ( i have done this.)

mr. stromboulopolous likes the new foo fighters disc.

the end.


J said...


Thanks! that was a great review. I was laughing without even hearing the show!


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

glad you enjoyed!

Allison said...

This is the show for me, and I look forward to your recaps each week!!

I loved, "alex asks why mr. stromboulopolous can’t sleep (this is a question non-insomniacs always ask insomniacs. i hate it)"

I hate that too!! If I knew, then I'd be asleep, wouldn't I?

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

OMG I can't believe you recap each show. Nice work... I'll be back to read more.

Evelyne said...

Thanks for the recap.
I really like Alex because he hates everything that Strombo likes... and he hates people... I was laughing so hard Sunday night that my roommate came in to ask me if I was alright, the show was really good!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

green tea-iced tea - thanks for stopping by! yah, i do it whenever i listen to it. i find it actually helps me focus better on the show. because i listen online, i tend to get distracted very easily.

allison - thanks so much! a friend of mine just asked me that the other day when i told her about my latest bout. i was like...grrrrrrrr.

evelyne - you are very welcome. it was so funny this week. i love it when alex gets all worked up.