Sunday, November 12, 2006

i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

let me tell you, if you want to get a lot of hits on your blog, say something nice about lukas rossi. my site activity was crazy this week. both the search list and the place list are incomplete as my blog was mentioned in some rock band forum and i had so many hits, my meter couldn't save them all for the week.

i keep thinking that eventually i will not have any new hits for mr. stroumboulopoulos but every week, there are different variations. i got so many hits this week looking for dating, marriage etc and him. i almost feel obliged to answer them. but i do not think i wish to go down that route.

"nellie's" + calgary
different types of tattoos about mama - i think this may be my favourite this week.
lukas rossi vancouver "urban rush"
mister beast
viggo mortensen
george stroumboulopoulos dating
hate harper
indian female blog+sex
stroumboulopoulos girlfriend
stroumboulopoulos + girlfriend
if i knew you were coming i'd have baked a cake
"she's got moxy"
cultus lake web cam
beast love
george stroumboulopoulos
palance said the wrong name
alex and cara
watch a lot of channel
sook-yin lee
momma say momma sah
the stroumboulopoulos
kurt the new pornographers - umm, go away.. haha
opening day sunshine
george strombo
behind blue eyes mp3
pj harvey
yummy yummy yummy i've got love
"george stroumboulopoulos' girlfriend"

the new places...

usa – massachusetts, missouri, nevada, washington, connecticut, district of columbia, arkansas


mellowlee said...

Gee it seems a lot of peeps are desperate to know who George's girlfriend is huh? That's hilarious. My sitemeter is still bwoked. It counts hits, and locations etc but NO search criteria/referring url! That totally sucks.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

it's funny, i wonder what it was about this week that made everyone want to know?

that sucks. i like looking to see what people are looking for. it's like snooping i guess. at least this week it was less creepy than usual.

mellowlee said...

I wonder if he mentioned something about relationships on The Hour or something. I love seeing what people are looking for too :) Metacrawler used to have a function like that..the what people are searching for :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

maybe it was that online dating service he signed up for... :)

Barbara said...

I was on wandering Coyote's site and she had the same inquiries but lots of shirtless George inquiries...
I'm wondering what that is about..

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

omg! i totally forgot that i got a few of those as well. but that was pre-lukas rossi.

hmm.. shirtless, and marriage. weird.

Barbara said...

I just looked at what brings people to my blog and ran into the same question about George and dating...
I don't even know about George's dating habits...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i wonder what's up this week? .. did people find him particularly sexy or something?

my favourite thing about the dating thing was i ended up looking at the results of one of the searches and one of the sites was an article of straight people that they would like to see as a gay couples. one of the suggestions was chris from sloan and strombo. this made me laugh, as i have this whole gay porn/sloan obsession.

i know a little about his dating habits, but it's not me to post that kinda of stuff.

Toccata said...

That's so funny. Maybe it's all the gray that seems to have swept the country this week that people want something fun. A date with a shirtless George, that could be fun.

Allison said...

Yeah, getting a lot of strombo + gf...interesting.
Your lists are always entertaining :)
People always come to my blog searching lyrics out.

Toccata said...

Are you listening to the program tonight? That Alex kills me. He can turn a rather dull segment into something absolutely hilarious. I loved how he reacted to the girl who phoned in with her problem.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

alex is fucking killing me tonight!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My counter just tells me how many hits I've had, not any other info, I don't think anyway... Now I'm all jealous.

Barbara said...

Barbara B get the same kind of meter the stroumboulopouli blog has and you can access the info... have you ever looked at our site meter to see who is clicking on the strombi site?
Mostly people who have the links and don't have to search... but some searches...

Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, some of these look very familiar! My traffic shoots up by like 50% when I mention an actor named Gale Harold. He has a fervent fan base and when I mention him, I wind up with links on all these syndicated Gale Harold sites. I should try to see what happens if I stick Lukas Rossi in there somewhere - just to mess with people. As for all the George hits, I wonder if these people are finding anything juicy? My guess is no. Thanks for the visit!

J said...


HAHA! I have been checking your blog out for a bit but Barbara.W specifically sent me over here to read a recap of last night's Strombo show... I missed it. But much to my delight I found this wonderful little gem.

I love Lukas Rossi! I think he has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard. And I think he and George are half brothers. LOL! The resemblence is there.
What did you say that was so nice!?!?

Tattoos about Mama??? That is awesome..

I think George mania has swept the country. I know among my myspace friends there has been much discussion about the Strombo GF and previous GF's... I think winter is upon us and Canadian woman want to stay warm!!! ;-)

Anyways. No recap but some interesting reads. Thanks.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara b- oh, you gotta get the references. it's so much fun. although i still haven't figured out how to read any other reports.

wandering coyote - i know i certainly don't have anything juicy about strombo up on my site. although what creeps me out sometimes is the sex hits i get when people stay a long time. i'm like what are you looking at?!
i had to look up that actor, queer as folk right? i can see why you would get massive hits from that.

j - glad to see your comments. i have seen your around myspace. and read your blog i think as well. if you are interested in the lukas rossi story, it's on my gemini post.. it's called "say my name".
the recap usually doesn't get posted until tuesday or so. i'm going to work on it tonight.