Friday, November 17, 2006

i am woman...

i wake up this morning in massive pain. i can barely move, my back hurts so much. i wish to throw up. great, i became a woman last nite. at least, my bitchiness will be over soon. and i won't have to start my new job feeling like shit.

i am supposed to go and get a new sin card today. my new retail job has the most paperwork i've ever had to fill out in order to start a new job. i not only have to submit to a police check, i have to prove who i am by producing an actual sin card. i have not had an actual card for years. probably since my first job. i lost my wallet right before leaving for europe the first time, and never bothered to replace it. nobody has ever asked for it before. i just remembered my number and that was good for everyone else.

i am annoyed because i finally had to submit to adding word verification to my blog. damn spammers! i am also annoyed because for some reason, every time i want to use word, i keep opening the internet. grrr! and i keep smelling hot chocolate for some reason.

all week long, i have been thinking of friday and random top ten. now that it is time to play, i forget about it until i read mellowlee's blog. you know the drill. play here and don't forget to post here.

1. i will follow – u2 (possibly my favourite u2 song ever. is it their best? probably not. but it's the one i have the most memories attached to.)
2. rider on the wheel – nick drake
3. the chooser – fluf (this band always reminds me of 't' and the fact that she is the only other person i know who likes this band)
4. i want an alien for christmas - fountains of wayne (apparently there must be one embarrassing song each week. here is this week's)
5. how to be dead – snow patrol
6. my radio – stars
7. woman – wolfmother
8. new york, new york – ryan adams
9. i don't know (alternative take) – the replacements
10. king of beast – tackhead
ok, here are this week's new searches. apparently it's all about strombo and tattoos this least this makes sense to me. the whole girlfriend and shirtless stuff last week was kinda weird.
froggy went a courtin
george stroumboulopoulos girlfriend
friday i'm in love
neighbour of the beast 668
richard dean anderson
668 beast
"gill deacon"
beast lover
i\'ve got love in my tummy
the strombo show nov 12
if i knew you were coming
mcdonalds boycott
what is the defination of neighbour
gill deacon cbc nickname
hilary doyle hour
rona ambrose potted plant
tattooed love boys
lukas rossi
killers critical of green day anti-american antiques
kanye west - gold digger
"george stroumboulopoulos"
friday im in love interpretation
of the beast strombo
if i knew you were coming id a baked a cake
sonnets at 4 am
hey mister dj mp3
"driving in my car" comedy song
stroumboulopoulos + "the hour" + "theme music"
"rick mercer"
yummy yummy yummy ive got love in my tummy
dj put
meaning of friday im in love
if i knew you were coming bake a cake
britney jackie greene girlfriend
george stroumboulopoulos tattoo
shannon tweed
strombo tattoo
myspace george thomas stroumboulopoulos
friday i'm in love meaning
george stroumboulopoulos tattoos
the hour stroumboulopoulos theme music
how did steve irwin manged to look after his family and his job?
cbc rumours
kanye west interupts band at awards show
george stroumboulopoulos's girlfriend
lukas rossi fiona
song yummy yummy yummy ive got love in my tummy
labatts world outgames
dito montiel
"my rainboots"
668 the neighbour
stroumboulopoulos tattoo
what is george stroumboulopoulos tattoo?
nasty wife
russell peters trini
"eddie izzard"
hey mister dj song
"david foster" –
stephen harper
art of wagner
sroumboulopoulos + panic
pile of bones+tattoo convention
wife orgasm
"girls against boys"
websites with ryan adams wonderwall song
hilary doyle the hour
america ferrera bra and panties
airporter shuttle express blogs + shoes
yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy song
dave foley (i heart dave foley)
and i get to add the following places.
south africa
new zealand
usa – wisconsin, iowa, new jersey, utah
czech republic
northern ireland


Toccata said...

I love that "my rainboots" is on the search list.

Glad to welcome someone else with a song on their list that they would rather the world did not know they owned!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i loved that too.

it's funny because i am sure one day there will be a song that i will edit out. and i think, how bad will the song have to be that makes me edit it out?

Allison said...

I've only ever had to produce my actual SIN card to pick up my school osap money, that is a little weird.

All you ppl and your random lists, I'm doing mine on tuesday ;P (i just forgot today)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

you just like to be different allison....:)

Allison said...

LOL! True ;P