Wednesday, October 25, 2006

dance like a monkey, dance like a monkey....

so another week has passed and here are my thoughts on 'the hour'.

congrats on the gemini win for the show. i won't comment on the host award as he seemed rather embarassed about the whole thing. :)

things i liked.

the iron maiden interview.
the interview with charles mcvety (not because i agree with him but because it made for interesting tv)
the garth turner interview
the graphics for 'the best story ever' segment. very old school, cbc kids like.
and even i have to admit, the opener with the baby and adoption was pretty cute.

things i didn't like.

the closers. they are very boring and tame this year.

all the blatant plugging of upcoming cbc shows.

the lack of the 'canada' segment of news.

the beck interview. this is not because of the interviewer, but the interviewee. i've heard that beck is hard person to interview and by the looks of it, it's true.

the theme music. but on the upside, i think i have maybe figured out a way to deal with it (although my friend and i bitched about it on the way down to seattle. she just might hate the new pornographers more than me.) the new pornographers are on mint, and bill and randy have been nothing but super nice to me. so i will try and think of them during the theme music.

the time slot. i can not express how much i hate the fact that cbc newsworld does not seem to think anyone out west needs to watch 'the hour' during primetime. i loved watching it at 8pm. it was perfect. i could come home, relax, eat dinner, watch corrie street, go out and and walk the dog and then settle in to watch 'the hour'. my dog used to get a big ass yummy treat during 'the hour' so he loved it too. after the show was done, i still had time to do anything that needed doing before it was sleeptime. and if god forbid, i missed something or someone mumbled something, or there was something i really loved, i could catch it again at 11pm. or decide to tape it (sigh.. before my vcr broke down). i don't really watch that much prime time so there was rarely any conflict for me. but now, i either have to rush home to catch it, or miss the daily show and the colbert report. or stay up even later and catch the midnight airing on newsworld. or watch online. i'm catching some stuff on newsworld and some later on the cbc, and then trying to make up the bits online. this is not how i like to watch a show! call me crazy but i kinda like to watch it all in the same order that it is aired. and why has it been replaced by 'the national'... two straight hours of 'the national'?

ok, enough about 'the hour' for this week.

you know, it may have taken almost two years to get up, but at least is being updated very regularly. good boy mr. stroumboulopoulos!

you know, there is one thing that always confuses me about listening to radio via the internet from other places. weather. traffic i can figure out. weather, not so much. i'm always like..what do you mean it's raining?

anyways, here is the weekly strombo show recap. i take even less responsibility than usual for the accuracy of it this week. i was suffering from a red bull overdose so not only was my mind wandering more than usual, i nearly fell asleep at one point. plus during the first ½ hour or so, the show kept cutting out.

there are a whole new series of humourous plugs for the show…is it bumpers that they call them? i know that’s what it is called on tv. anyways it's the promo for coming back to the show, before the show is on. if that makes sense.

alex will be on.

bob’s week was kinda scary. another negative fortune cookie experience. this time, his wife got it. it was ‘success is getting up one more time than being knocked down.’

bob loves yard work. he likes to get his hands dirty. when his grandparents first came to this country, they bought a place with a big back yard and grew corn. So did mr. stroumboulopoulos’s baba.

mr. stroumboulopoulos likes the new killers album. i have issues with the killers. i used to not mind them. but now they bother me.

during the commercial break, i learned that it was pierre trudeau who was a virgin until 27. weird.

mr. stroumboulopoulos is digging the new kasbian. bob wants to know if they have big floppy afros and a scarf. alex pipes in with no bob, that’s you. (i spat my bevy out in laughter at this point). mr. stroumboulopoulos checks and so sad, no afros.

alex’s week was all right. he doesn’t like his boss (mr. stroumboulopoulos) who counters with you don’t have to like me, you just have to perform. alex did the opening of the tragically hip special.

cleveland’s new expansion of sex education in all grades including kindgarten ( was discussed. alex confesses that at 29 there’s a lot of sex stuff he wishes he does not know. he used to work at sex tv. and then he totally freaks me out by mentioning sex with clowns. although in my red bull overdose mind, i originally heard clam sex. which creeped me out even more. bob learnt where babies come from a neighbourhood bully during a hockey game. he informed him that babies come from sperm. and then the bully walked away. bob didn’t know what he was talking about. bob doesn’t want teachers teaching sex, because his teachers didn’t do a good job with anything else. they couldn’t teach me the metric system, i don’t want them teaching the tantric system.

frank black is played. an interview was taped with him that will be airing next week or the week after on the hour. i am sad. on 'the hour' they said it would be this week. damn it, i want to hear that interview!

stuff portion of show- topic #1 pizza. (i enjoy the stuff portion of the show)

and all the unique toppings have come out for it. the question comes up.. does chicken belong on pizza? i believe the answer from all three was no. this can be blamed partially on my caffeine overdose, but mainly on the fact that i am unwilling to look in-depth at my notes as i have not eaten dinner yet. the idea that you can put anything on a pizza is discussed. but then it is really just a sandwich. bob and alex are anti-ground beef as well. mr. stroumboulopoulos is not. personally, i love Italian sausage on my pizza…..(focus! stop dreaming of pizza!) . blame for all this is thrown at the marketing gurus. alex and bob are anti-hawaiian. mr. stroumboulopoulos is not. he loves the texture (the thought of this is making me ill now. pizza craving gone.) somebody who is vegan and works for the show talks about vegan pizza. alex is outraged (i think).

topic #2
a female asks do you believe in love at first sight. mr. stroumboulopoulos – no. he believes in extreme like at first sight. lust at first sight. but not love. alex believes in love at first sight, because it is anti-mr. stroumboulopoulos. bob does believe in it. he looks at love at first sight like an albino gorilla. extremely rare and if you find it, you worship it.

the pizza topic lights up the phones. i have never heard so many calls before.

A simpsons clip is played – the bit where lisa is trying to explain she has given up meat and homer thinks she is making up some magical animal because she claims that pork and bacon come from the same animal.

pixies – “velouria”

led zeppelin – ‘whole lotta love’ . zeppelin 2 was released some time in history on this day.

web cams are not allowed in the station. aaahaaa… something i can blame standard broadcasting for! apparently, they are afraid of viruses. a web cam in the studio would rock. i want to see bob dance!

george bush and his smug jackass smile are mentioned.

supremes – ‘can’t hurry love’. first all female album to go number one on this day sometime in history. mr. stroumboulopoulos feels they are one of the most underappreciated bands ever. (can you be a band if nobody plays an instrument? don't get me wrong, i love the supremes)

barbara from the stroumboulopouli offers to read bob’s card. this terrifies bob. he believes in everything. he agrees on the condition that it is done over the phone on air. but barbara is too shy to call in.

some guy from hamilton calls in and says he will make a wager the road to menudo will last longer than ‘the one’. haha

alex gets passionate when he feels mr. stroumboulopoulos is putting words in his mouth.

bob has decided to have his cards read by barbara via e-mail.

bob and mr. stroumboulopoulos like leonardo dicaprio.

advice time.

“our lives may be disastrous on some levels, doesn’t mean yours have to be.” angela the intern needs advice. she has a guy talking to her that she’s not into, but he is into her. he’s not her type, not outgoing. she’s always talking, so much that she even annoys herself. alex tells her to stop messing around and just tell him. that’s it. it will be horrible. that’s life. bob’s reaction is 100% bravo. i have nothing to add. listen to that man.

a myspace message says that alex sounds down on life. he replies.. what the hell is wrong with terri? that’s not what i said (true). i agreed with bob. mr. stroumboulopoulos and i do not sound alike. (true again.)

bob and george like lindsay lohan.

sugar ‘helpless’

adam from grand rapids calls for advice. he has a work permit to come into canada but will have to leave his good job. should he? everybody pretty much says yes.

some guy the same age as mr. stroumboulopoulos has a 12 year old daughter and i think he said she was on myspace. calls himself and everyone else middle age (wtf?!). claims it is creepy that mr. stroumboulopoulos would have a myspace account. (what is your 12 year old doing on myspace… it’s 14+) heated discussion on the merits/creepiness of myspace. alex likes the fact he called them middle aged.

barbara does the card reading by email. Here is a link to her blog on it.

kenny rogers ‘ the gambler’

mr. stroumboulopoulos hides some info from bob. he responds… don’t i deserve to see my own future?

bob on having his picture on why do you have to share my shame? it looks like you pulled it off smoking gun. actor 36 pulled over by police.

things they liked. mr. stroumboulopoulos – the film ‘the departed’.

bob‘s careless whisper moment. because of the beck interview, he doesn’t think scientology is that stupid. plus paul haggis is a scientologist. bob did not go into the studio when beck was on 'the hour'.

my careless whisper moment…. i really really liked alex this week. possibly more than bob this week. and i liked bob a lot. but alex was so fuckin’ on the ball this week. which is funny because i wanted to bitch slap him last week.

peace out...

ps.. there will be no strombo show recap next week. going to carve pumpkins instead.

pps.. for those that care, mr. stroumboulopoulos will be in calgary this weekend.(


Allison said...

Thanks again for a great recap. I still really sad I can't listen online with my MAC, but I know I can count on your excellent recap.
I'm off to check the link to Barb W's card reading!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

you are most welcome... :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You already know I'm totally behind you on the Hour scheduling debacle, and sadly I haven't really seen enough of anything to get into a discussion, except I did see the Beck interview and thought he was very distant.

And what was with that unfortunate facial furniture? Face it, Beck, a few sparse moustache hairs does not make you look any older than 12. Embrace it.

Is Frank Black going to be on the Hour? I'm listening to Honeycomb right now.

She's Crafty said...

I'm off to watch last night's episode of the Hour. I can actually watch tonite too b/c I have a day off. (hopefully you've read my comment about missing that 8pm time slot too!)

I used to think that most of the Hour because of the frequent visits. I got to attend two live shows in one year. I am not feeling so favored anymore.

What is up with the closer this season? I think George has gotten funnier this year. But seriously, he used to dish it out good in the closer. Maybe there hasn't been anything to fire him up yet?

Barbara said...

Re: George being funnnier, He has comedy writers now. You saw them, when he doesn't want to do a joke they blow it for him.
Now that you mention it... the closer is now just a closer, no fire.
But new things are being introduced like, hey who knew George could play piano.

Evelyne said...

You are right with The Closers, i used to really like taht part of the show and now it is more or less what will be next on the show... i really liked it when George gave is opinion about something...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

it's funny, because i've seen tonight's closer and for once, i thought it actually came close to saying something. can i take credit?...haa haa

i've heard they hired three new comedy writers this year. but i'm in the minority here as i don't necessarily think it's funnier. but more on that next week.

is it sad that i knew he played piano?

that beck comment made me laugh. way back when a male indie friend of mine cut his long hair off. and everyone was like...oooh are you thurston moore? but now it's are you beck?

re: frank black. i'm a bit upset. there was no mention of frank black in the upcoming next week tag. it was mentioned on last week's upcoming tag. hopefully soon.

she's crafty - i've been lucky. i've seen two live shows each season. which ones did you go to? ps.. i'm a little confused by your comment.

DAVE said...

the closers. they are very boring and tame this year.

all the blatant plugging of upcoming cbc shows.

the lack of the 'canada' segment of news.

Couldn't agree more...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thanks for dropping by dave, especially since you agree (hee hee, just kiddin').

i will have a few words about the cbc plugs this week.