Monday, October 09, 2006

i turn on the radio....

i was listening to the radio in my car this week and got to hear a radio promo for the hour on a commercial radio station. i thought it was appropriate as it was on neil morrison's show and he and strombo are buddies from way back. again, it was strictly an informative ad.

i'm glad the promos have been posted up on the website. i've seen them and i agree with my friend. that prince albert one is tres cheesy. on air, the only one i have seen is a basic informational one. and both times during the coronation street omnibus edition. i thought for sure they would show one during the premiere of the mercer report but nope. apparently, people who watch the hour watch coronation street and not rick mercer.

and now onto the weekly strombo show recap.

they talked about planning the show. which consists of picking the music, and then, picking topics to a certain degree. they fail to live up to the topics as they always get sidetracked with their own questions.

bob will give mr. stroumboulopoulos an online narcissism test later in the program. mr. stroumboulopoulos knows he is not a nice guy. and he knew the educated life was not for him when he took his grade 11 advanced chemistry test and scored 17 out of 114. he answered every question and thought he had done all right. it made him look at his career choice as he was looking at becoming a funeral director. but that door was now closed. he wondered, why do you need chemistry to be a funeral director? i felt the same way in a similar situation with chem 12. i wanted to go on and study photography but without the chemistry, i was s.o.l. that reminds me of one of those email questionaires a friend sent me the other day. normally, i don't fill them out, but i was in the mood to waste some time that day. one of the questions was.. you have accidentally exploded something. and i was like, i took high school chem, of course, i accidentally exploded something. :)

mr. stroumboulopoulos' plans for the evening. go home, dropping bob off on the way. get home around midnight. pick up a drink at the corner store across the street. walk upstairs, turn on the tv and watch studio 60 which was pvr'd. watch a movie. go to work at 6. bob is very organized with the rest of his nite. nite sweats planned for 2 am. brief calm for 3am. nite terrors at 3.15. 4 am - internet. 5.15 rest. 6 am alarm goes off.

cubically contained by the headstones is played. i've always filed the headstones into something i'm not interested in but i kinda like the song. i've never heard it before.

they talked about the opening of the new trailer park boys movie and played some clips. one about bible thumpers and the other about jalapeno chips. funny stuff. this went into talk about the trailer park boys and nationalism and bob feeling it is a silly emotion. this could be my fave bob quote of the evening. "sometimes hurting others makes me feel better about myself." mr. stroumboulopoulos says that he only feels nationalism about hockey and the occasional beer commerical. the only two times he has lost it on camera is an interview at muchmusic with noel gallagher comparing record reviews to lord of the ring reviews. the other time was when he interviewed bubbles. usually he isn't paying attention and is looking ahead for what is coming next.

the clash 'i'm so bored with the usa' is played. it made me laugh because i was in the car with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and that song came on. she turns to me and says 'who is this? the clash?" i was so shocked that she had to ask that i just stared at her. which made her break up. and now, whenever we hear a clash song, she pretends she doesn't know what it is.

the mark foley story was mentioned. i saw a friend saturday nite and we started to discuss this. she was like omg. i saw the headline 'foley goes into rehab' and i thought it was dave foley. i totally thought of you until i realized it was mark foley. she knows i have a bit of a thing for dave foley. he's so funny. and i adore funny boys. the daily show's take on the foley situation had me in tears, it was so funny.

the grasshopper joke from last week was repeated. bob liked it last week, not so sure this week.

a new segment debuted last week. questions about stuff. just in order to be as wrong as much as possible. :)

the first question was about text messaging. some girl has just started dating some guy and he only seems to want to communicate via text messaging. she wants to know if that's rude. mr. stroumboulopoulos wants to know if she's dating him. he obviously doesn't think it's rude. bob disagrees. the discussion went into how content is important. the phone was brought into it and is it bad (bob) or good (mr. stroumboulopoulos) for relationships. mr. stroumboulopoulos says emoticons good, emo bad. olivia (from toronto life) says texting is fine and is only rude if it's not paired with other communication (good answer!) bob wants to communicate only by sonnet, because if you can say it in a sonnet, you really mean it. olivia's article will run in the january issue of toronto life.

alex, who is not on the show this week because he has a date calls in with a report. they are hanging out in his living room. mr. stroumboulopoulos sounds a tad upset alex blew them off. alex says you want me every week, pay me. bob originally covered for alex's non-appearance with mr. stroumboulopoulos, playing good cop to his bad cop.

on the debut of 'the hour'. feel like kid in candy shop that is terrified out of his skull and allergic to candy.

dj shadow is played. he's doing a show at the metropolis in montreal. mr. stroumboulopoulos has been thrown out of there, back in the days when he was drinking.

more on alex's date. he has been hiding out in his bathroom while he is on the phone. it's been 15 minutes. they are watching the hockey game.

loveline with dr. drew and his narcissim test was brought up. bob asked some of the questions, here are strombo's answers. modesty - i think i am a modest person. my mother taught me humilty. compliments - embarrasing. one of the reasons i totally hate my birthday so much. do you want to blend in or be centre of attention - too grey. in work, centre of attention, outside of work, blend in. following orders? don't mind. bob calls him a liar. says he wears other people's suggestions like a suit three sizes to small. loves to show off his body. when bob asks him the question, he gets a faceful of stomach as mr. stroumboulopoulos claims he has no body. bob calls him somewhere between bullard and bubbles on the celeb scale.

mr. stroumboulopoulos was pulled over for speeding. i liked his attitude about it as he was totally okay with the ticket. i am a big believer in you do the crime, be prepared to do the time.

they originally wanted to call the show 'the call up' after the clash show. but the radio powers insisted it be called after mr. stroumboulopoulos, so they went with the strombo show.

massive attack is played. a cd for sex, foreplay to be done prior to pushing play. it's a record for sex and sex only. bob pipes in with a tip for guys. if you want to know if your gal loves you, see if she will have sex to side 2 of rush's hemisphere. i, of course, would leave the room if some guy played rush for me at all. but then i hate rush.

advice this week was for donnie who had a girl give him her phone number on an unopened band aid. but she didn't even give it to him herself. she got her friend to.

another question was from a girl who is in a 7 year relationship that wants to get married as her biological clock is ticking. should she propose? bob's advice. no. not necessarily because of tradition but as the topic had been discussed and he hasn't proposed yet, the answer may not be what she wants.

don’t want to know if you are lonely by hüsker dü.

t. rex is played. beautiful.

adrienne clarkson will be at the newstand this week on the hour. she called mr. stroumboulopoulos relatively good looking. he says she is totally hot for him.

10.35 comedy is bob newhart. i love bob newhart. i took a friend to see him once and the whole front row was bald men. it was very odd.

bob feels he is getting old because can't deal with irony of bad things ie.. people dancing to bad music. i don't think that's old, i think that's just good taste. mr. stroumboulopoulos liked mad magazine as a kid, not cracked.

the end.


Barbara said...

I'm glad you wrote all that because I did miss the show...
your a sweetheart for doing that.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

aaaahh thanks. glad you enjoy. i was toying with the idea of stopping but maybe i'll keep it up. i'm running a few different ideas thru my head of what i'm going to do.