Sunday, October 15, 2006

hey mister dj put a record on....

i was reading the blog "mellow like jello" ( on friday which led me to "just a cool cat's" blog ( which led me to american idle ( . which made me discover something fun called "american idle friday random ten". which is basically setting your music player to shuffle and listing the first ten that play. i listen to mine on shuffle a lot, so i'm used to very odd playlists.

here is mine...and as tempted as i was to cheat.. i didn't. as you may be able to tell. :)

1. six o'clock news - kathleen edwards
2. exactly like you - tony bennett & k.d. lang
3. st. elsewhere - gnarls barkley
4. park avenue - girls against boys
5. dance like a monkey - new york dolls
6. on the evening train - johnny cash
7. we will rock you - queen
8. stripped (intro) - christina aguilera
9. the ring - sarah harmer
10. no smoke without fire - james hunter


Allison said...

I read that on Mel's blog, too, such a fun game eh?
Nice list you've got there. I rarely hit the shuffle on my itunes, but I will more often!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

totally fun.

i love shuffle because even tho it's my music collection, it's fun to discover different tunes within. and sometimes you get wicked segueways. of course, other times, you get lame ones but...

justacoolcat said...

I usually only listen to my player on shuffle.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

me too. i actually don't have a lot of full albums on my mp3 player right now.

here's my sad high fidelity moment ..well, actually i have a lot of them but here one for now.

i was taking a bus overnight from vancouver to calgary this summer. and this totally wicked combo of two songs came together and i was like...i have to write this down! i am so making a mix cd with these songs.

the songs were..

have not been the same - slow
hair of the dog - nazareth.