Wednesday, October 11, 2006

looking for clues....

i'm fascinated about how people find my blog. here is a random sampling of what people have been searching for when their search engine points them towards my site.

neighbour sex stories
"mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" -packer
he is a funny but a very annoying neighbour
terry gilliam
stroumboulopoulos married
aka mr potatoe head aka 50
george stroumboulopoulos viggo
myspace bullentin problem
hate milan
"the hour"
stroumboulopoulos habs
about calgary death by chocolate
"neighbour of the beast"
neighbour sex comic
gta car meet thanksgiving
let's hear it for the boy
lebanese beast on myspace
yummy i've got fruit in my tummy
interview sook yin lee female condom
"sleeman is owned by"
covers of 'one is the loneliest number'
portia de rossi
kat female authority clips
review death by chocolate palliser
frasier dressed as clown
neighbour of the devil
one is the loneliest number karaoke
kiefer sutherland
strombo OR stroumboulopoulos O
i hate jon stewart
calgary tattoo festival pictures
"prince albert" tommy
disney weekenders clown episode
tv banana cleaner

and here are where people are coming from.

canada - ontario, quebec, alberta, bc, new brunswick, manitoba, prince edward island
usa - texas, idaho, ohio, california, florida, michigan, illinois, conneticut, tennessee
united kingdom
italy - milan

i wish i had made this list earlier. when my blog was on cbc, the hits were coming in from all kinds of places. even china.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's an interesting list - lots of stroumbo references there! I should sit down and figure out how to pinpoint where people are visiting from. Yet another job for the list...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

so many of them made me laugh, and a few kinda creeped me out.

i've gotten some good ones since, so i think i'm going to make this a regular segment.