Thursday, October 05, 2006

i'm ramblin', ramblin' 'round, i'm a ramblin' guy, i'm ramblin'...

so, just to prove i'm not obsessed with all things media, i thought i'd post a few pics from various little day trips i've been on recently.

a friend and i decided to take the dog up to the mountains for the day. our goal was grouse mountain. after we finally remembered how to get there (d'oh, we are vancouver born and raised but apparently this means we have no idea where anything is...) , we finally arrive at the grouse mountain parking lot and realize... this is not where we wanted to go. we were thinking seymour, not grouse. we head back down and end up going to cypress, which was way better anyways. this is shot along one of the trails on the way to some lake we never got to.

on the way back from cypress, we stopped at ambleside park in west vancouver (again, forgetting how to get there). they have this huge off leash area with beach access, fields to play in, trails and a really nice walkway by the water. this is a railway bridge in that area. later we even got to see a small train go over it.

my friend calls me up. she says, let's play hookie and take your dog out somewhere. i'm like where? she's says how about cultus lake? i'm like ok. we drive, and when we reach pitt meadows she turns to me and say where are we going? i was like omg, i'm totally on the wrong road. and she's like but where are we going? i reply.. cultus lake. she says but where is cultus lake? i reply.. near chilliwack. she says that's so not what i meant. where is that dog lake we go to all the time? i laugh.. that's buntzen lake! we passed that ages ok. we laugh and laugh and laugh because again, we apparently have lost all sense of direction in our hometown. we ended up stopping near a dyke in pitt meadows to walk the poochie. it was a beautiful day and this was taken there.

i did want to post a picture from harrison hot springs and the sand castle competition but blogger has decided not to let me upload pictures at present.

to sum it all up, i'm enjoying fall this year.


Evelyne said...

It sounds like a really nice day, sunny days are the best!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

it's been an awesome autumn out here so far. lots of sunny days, still fairly warm (i wore shorts when i took monsieur poochie out to play this afternoon)but with plenty of crispness in the air. the leaves seem particulary colourful this year as well.