Friday, October 27, 2006

ooh-hoo, jackie blue...

well, no, actually it's jackie greene. :)

so last nite, "r" and i went out and saw this artist jackie greene. it was kinda cool because we had no idea what to expect as we didn't know any of his stuff.

some background story. house of blues runs the occasional sale that they call 2 4 1 tuesdays. which is buy one ticket and get one free. i think it's a great idea. if a show isn't selling that well, why not try and get more people out so that you don't have to cancel? and it's good for me because a lot of times i have trouble finding someone who wants to come out and play with me. it's so much easier when they can save some $$$. i've seen a few shows that way. dragged a friend to see paul westerberg, did a dance with another when the new york dolls went 2 4 1. and was a "date" with another friend for hawksley workman. just to name a few.

anyways, a few weeks ago, one of the shows listed was jackie greene. i'd never heard of him but i always check out all the listings anyways so i google him and listen to a few snippets of his music. it kinda reminded me of van morrison in a way. it sounded ok. but then i saw that the tix were only 12 bucks before the discount. plus it was at richards on richards and i love seeing bands there. they are going to tear it down sometime soon to make room for condos so i want to get in as much time there as possible. so, "r" and i figure, let's go for it.

so, we walk into dicks on dicks (aka richards on richards.. a not so nice nickname going back to the days when bruce allen used to own the club) not having any clue what to expect. i meant to go back and listen to some more of his stuff but i hadn't had a chance. the crowd was older, semi-middle aged males with a few gals thrown in. no chicklets. i haven't been in a crowd like that in ages. there wasn't a ton of people out but luckily it's not a very big club and they shut down the top level, so it didn't feel totally empty. and the people who were there loved him.

musically, for me, it was all right. turned out to be more stevie ray vaughn than van morrison and i am so not a fan of the white boy blues in general. he did do two songs i liked but unfortunately i do not know what they were called. one was a country/folk sounding number (which i really really liked) and the other must have been one of the snippets i heard online because it reminded me of a van morrison number. but eventually he played one too many stevie numbers and we had to leave. overall, i enjoyed it but i am not looking to rush out and buy a cd. but i would like to track down that countryish number. and i am glad we gambled and went.

i would post a picture here but an extremely nice soundman said pictures were ok but no flash. unfortunately i do not know how to override my flash on my digital camera. and since he was so pleasant when he told me, i did not take any pictures, even when he was not around. and even if everyone else in the placed seemed to be. i did however, take a picture of gumby on the amp, before i talked to him. i offer than instead.


Allison said...

They're going to tear down richards?
I guess it makes sense, that whole area is pretty built up with condos now. Still sad though.

Deb said...

I second the sadness at tearing down places to put up more condos. It's gonna' look like Legoland soon.

Funny story....this is (I'm ashamed to say) my first visit to your blog...nothing personal, just so busy that by the time I visit all the "regular" spots I frequent, I've usually run out of free time. Anyhow...I, for whatever reason, had thought you were a man. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. So I was surprised to learn you were female. Now that that's cleared up.

Great post(s). I'll only comment on this one because to go back to all the ones I just read for commenting purposes doesn't make sense.

I agree with the white man blues thing. I can tolerate about 8 seconds of it and that's it.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yah, i don't think anyone knows exactly when. for some reason, i thought it was the end of this year but i have no idea why i think that. i don't even think they are running any regular club events anymore.

i hear that they are predicting that vancouver will be the new whistler soon.. ie nobody who actually works there, will be able to afford to live there.

deb - thanks for dropping by!
that is funny. when i first started this blog, i thought that i would try and remain 'sexless'. but then realized that would never work. :)

mellowlee said...

It is sad how we are losing these spots to condos. What you said about Vancouver becoming like whistler gave me chills, but ya, I can see that happening. My partner says we should stick around maybe til the Olympics, and then book outta here for greener, less expensive pastures.

Did you ever go to Luv Affair's when it was still open? I moved here just before it closed down, went about 4 times before they closed forever.

Melissa said...

For sure you can link to my blog.
I just finished the final update though so it's a lot longer than it was when you read it...

But it does have more pictures!
Anyway, take a look and if you still want to link it then feel free.

Melissa said...

Haha, yeah that link was up last night, he told me when I talked to him that he was in the process of linking my blog...

That's okay though
2 links are better than one!

I dont want to pay to laminate it yo

Barbara said...

Hey 668 didn't you say you were not doing the recap of the strombo show this week? Or did I imagine that. I see that you will be. I always look forward to reading it.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

you are right. i did say i was not going to do a recap of the show. and i'm not. (i didn't hear it). but i will be doing a 'the hour' post and related stuff. since there is no recap, i am hoping it will be up by tonight.

Barbara said...

well then I look forward to The Hour recap.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mellowlee - i totally missed your comment about luv affair.. i pratically grew up there... :)