Thursday, October 12, 2006

tears of a clown...

i'm finding this week quite disheartening. on the weekend, i learnt about the upcoming death of of tower records. growing up in vancouver, meant going to seattle a few times a year. and as i got older, a seattle road trip was never complete without a stop at tower records. for years, it was the tower records under the space needle, which we never failed to get lost trying to get to. even now, when i'm in the area of the space needle, i still laugh inside, remembering the drives around and around and around. later on, it was tower in the university district. not because we stopped loving the seattle center tower. and not because we were tired of driving around. but because we always had to go to the u-district anyways, it was more convenient to go there. and eventually we even started heading out to the bellevue tower. i loved the old bellevue store. never liked the new location and eventually stopped heading out there. i'm sitting at my computer and a flood of memories are reeling in. the excitment of finding something cool that wasn't available in canada. scoring in the delete bins. i'm one of those people that can go to my music collection and for the majority of the titles, i can tell you where and when i bought them. and who i was with. for a lot of them, i can even tell you how much i paid. (and yet, i can barely remember what i did yesterday...ha ha). i can tell you i bought a lot of stuff at tower over the years. and don't even get me started on tower london. living in london for a few years, i must have spent at least a couple of months in tower alone. i am being flooded with memories not only of music, but of past and current friends and the times we've spent hanging out, checking out music.

the other sad news this week, is cbgb's is finally closing it's doors for good. sadly, i have never been to cbgb's. but being the music lover that i am, it's always held a special place in my heart. i was always like one day.. i will go to new york and i will go to cbgb's.

i'm feeling very melancholy right now. not up to continuing and i think i will just go and put on the ramones. i wish my turntable was working. i'd put on some vinyl that i got at tower to complete the scenario.


Allison said...

Its always sad to see places like that go.
I was really sad to hear about CBGBs, especially because I never got a chance to go there.

Hope that your feeling better!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Do you know if the owner is reopening CBGBs in a different location? There was talk of that last year, although it wouldn't be quite the same, would it?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am feeling a bit better thanks. oddly enough, my tea the next day was entitled "joy".

according to their website, the club will reopen sometime in the future. that's all i've heard so far. fingers crossed.