Thursday, October 19, 2006

shut your mouth....

so, the conservatives have finally kicked out garth turner. what a surprise. i mean, everyone knew his days were numbered from the moment he spoke out during the david emerson fiasco. i’m actually surprised that he made it this long. i’m not at all surprised by the timing of it. the tories needed something to try and distract us from their so called clean air act.

i find it funny that stephen harper won’t shut up about accountability and openness of the government and yet, he will not let his mp’s speak. i couldn't believe he actually let rona ambrose speak today. what are you afraid of harper? are you afraid if they open their mouths that we will actually find out how dumb they really are?

but then maybe he has a point. i mean, if the accusations against peter mackay are true (, maybe they really are that stupid.

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