Thursday, October 26, 2006

help me if you can...

if anyone can help me move my sidebar back up, please let me know.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Usually your sidebar moves to the bottom if you put in a photo that is too wide, but I don't really see that in your case. But in case one of the photos is wider than Blogger likes, just do lots of posts, because it will only show I think 10 at a time. Once the extra wide post goes into the archives, your sidebar will go back to the top.

Hope this helps./

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

thank you thank you thank you.. i found the problem.. it was the link to barbara w's blog that did it.

now , i just have to figure out how to fix it... :)

Barbara said...

Blogger seems to be back up and running with all links working. Thank you agent 668 for the link to the Globe and Mail article.
Thanks also for the synopsis of the Strombo show.
That was a strange night where I wanted to smack my head and say Why did I just make that offer?
Idle hands are the devils typing tools? Something like that.... maybe it was think before you comment... I don't mind giving anyone a card reading but talking live on the air and trying to look up the meanings of the cards in my tarot book (I am an amature not a pro) while talking on a cell phone would be a great deal of dead air...and not very good radio.