Friday, October 20, 2006

friday i'm in love...

well, no. but friday i'm full of phlegm just didn't have the right ring to it...:)

here is my random friday top ten...

1. clap your hands! - clap your hands say yeah
2. dirty diesel - paul westerberg
3. i will follow - u2
4. strip my mind - red hot chili peppers
5. i'd do anything - simple plan
6. if - red hot chili peppers
7. if it feels good do it - sloan
8. xmas in tha hood – 3lw
9. you took advantage of me - rosemary clooney
10. the magnificient seven - the clash

today i hit the 1,000 visitor to my site. no prizes but the lucky person was from gainesville, georgia and was looking for information on shirley maclaine. the 2nd person today from georgia that was looking for shirley maclaine. odd.

so here are some new reasons why people are hitting my website.

listen to let's hear it for my boy
shirley maclaine
russell peters on trini people smell my shoe
massive attack sook yin interview
"it's back" red billboard
strombo show
stroumboulopoulos dating
neighbour sex
rush hemisphere music
"tubby dogs"
sleemans brewery raising japan's flag
female sex stories
"narcissism test"
stroumboulopoulos "terry gilliam" retarded
steve-o & jim rose circus
brandon killers
neighbour singing disney blog
prince albert trouble urinating
steve carell vs mr t
shirley maclaine csi grey's anatomy
why did bill welychka leave much music
pitt lake
668 the neighbour of the beast
668 of the beast
my car the beast
ringtones final countdown bell mobility
"music therapy ride" +pictures
good pancakes
london living
pda drunk party
faces and places david cassidy magazine
"bill welychka"
three dog night one is the loneliest number sound
who was kiefer with last nite - ok, i confess.. it was me! haha..

and i can add the following places to my list.

usa - georgia, oklahoma, arizona, north carolina, nebraska, pennsylvania, kansas, new york, minnesota, virginia
canada - saskatchewan
costa rica


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You certainly have people after you for a variety of reason. Quite fascinating really.

I've been meaning to play along with the Friday playlist! Those are great.

Toccata said...

Had a good laugh when I read your current villain! Here's seconding that nomination.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

oooh you gotta play! it's so much fun. i am so tempted to cheat, but so far, i have been embarassingly honest.

awesome, glad you agree! it was a good week for villains, but peter mackay pulled thru in the end... haha.

mellowlee said...

I love when people list their site referals. For some reason site meter doesn't give me that information *its bwoked* :(
Friday Random rules :)
Is it ok if i add you to my sidebar?
laters :)

Allison said...

Random top ten, must play next week!!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mellowlee - that sucks you can't get your details. i am fascinated with them. i am still trying to understand all the reports tho.

i would be flattered to be added. i have to update my sidebar as well this week. i will add you as well if that's ok.

and thanks so much for the introduction to friday random!

allison - you gotta play!

mellowlee said...

Ya, it does suck. I love it when people post the details, it's usually good for quite the laugh :)

I will add you to my sidebar right now. Thanks :)

Hope ur having a good week!