Tuesday, October 10, 2006

good day sunshine..

well, today is another bright beautiful sunny day and i'm feeling better than i did last nite.

i did end up watching 'the hour' last nite. i thought 'the daily show' would be a repeat for some reason. isn't it some kind of holiday in the states? alas, i was wrong.

anyways, i'm glad to say that it didn't suck. did i think it was great? no. i really liked parts of it. i thought the opening bit with the hockey players was awesome. perhaps it was just hearing the word douchebag. :) and i really like the fact that the interviews are live now. last season, they seemed to be much more obviously taped. i thought belinda came off well in her interview except i did not like her comment that no one can break up a happy marriage. and terry gilliam made me laugh when he used the word retarded. i do think that perhaps a set re-organization may be necessarily because during the interviews mr. stroumboulopoulos kept looking at his notes which were at a table beside him, away from the camera and the guest. it's a little disorienting. perhaps a desk is in order?

what i didn't like. the music. apart from everything else, i do not think it's obtrusive enough. i want the music coming back from commerical to be loud and obtrusive enough that i can hear it from another room. right now, i find the music is just blending into the commercials and it's not obvious that the show has started again. sorry, i don't always stay in the room for the ads. i don't like the new graphics and i'm not thrilled with the new set. the graphics seem a little busy and i think i feel the same way with the set. i'm going to have to see it a bit more to decide.

i thought the live audience would be distracting but other than the intial opening which played a bit stiff, it was fine.

if season one was a 10, and season two was an 8 1/2, i'll give season three a 7 for now. i'm still pretty bitter about the time slot choices out west. it sucks for them, because i'm not sure how many people will turn off the daily show.

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