Thursday, October 26, 2006

who let the dogs out...

i am following the peter mackay debacle with great glee.

i do have a question tho. regardless of whether he said it or not, it is established that someone said it. so shouldn't the tories be concerned on finding out who did?

i have heard the accusations that the tories have thrown out about what was said about rona ambrose. i have heard a few versions of it. 'potted plant' and 'pretty plant'. i am not sure which one is correct. i hope it is 'potted plant'. because that's pretty clever. because that's really what she is. always in the background of stephen harper at conferences. i hope they remember to water her. but i fear that it was 'pretty plant'. which isn't as funny. or as clever. and if so, the tories have a right to complain about it. but they should have done it when it happened. the fact that it didn't seem to bother them then, well, just reenforces in my mind, how they feel about women.

for an extremely funny take on the situation, you gotta check out rick mercer's blog (


Allison said...

I love Rick Mercer, that was a pretty hilarious letter!
I keep forgetting to watch his show on Tuesday, I'm very thankful for online clips.

I'm still shaking my head at the whole thing, complete crap for the 21st century in my opinion. have we not progressed at all?

Barbara said...

I think they rerun his show on Friday nights... Love Rick Mercer.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yes, they do re-run on friday. if i miss mercer, i can never wait that long. i have to watch online.