Friday, October 13, 2006

hate and war....

i hate stephen harper. and it's been a classic week for him. i thought last week was good, what with the cuts to funding for womens groups. i am not sure what is funnier, the conservatives having a minister of environment or them having a status of women minister. dear mr. harper, if you really want to save money, why don't you cut these positions? you obviously have no need for them.

so what's so special about this week? first off, had to be his environmental speech. i'd like to ask stephen harper to stop making these announcements in vancouver. i feel like you are giving us a bad rep. we didn't vote you in and this does not impress us. in bc, the number of elected conservatives actually went down, so you went out and bought david emerson. and let me see, you flew to bc to do this? apart from the dollar cost, what does that add to the environmental cost? ooh, and then let's ban environmentalists from the press conference. because it's a private meeting with the press? wtf? umm, how can a meeting with the press be private?

why didn't i like his speech? let's start with tieing in pollution with the economy. so if the economy goes up, we can pollute more. yah, that seems smart. but what else can you expect from some one who is not convinced that global warming is the consequence of human activity?

next up, slagging a beloved canadian icon (rick mercer). don't fuck with mercer, harper.

however, i do like the fact that rona ambose and the tories were caught out not telling the truth in parliament. she had said that the previous liberals had spent at least 100 million buying carbon credits. she cited a long list, but when the media asked to see the list (damn nosy media), they had to admit that the liberals had not spent one cent purchasing these credits. and i'm not defending the liberals either. it's just that my hatred for harper and the tories runs deeper than my dislike for the liberals. here's a link to the story...

and then harper was off again accusing the liberals of anti-israel. this isn't the link i originally wanted but i am having trouble linking it right now. that one including more of bob rae comments, including something about one shouldn't be either pro or anti israel.

i don't understand why people can not criticize israel without being accused of all sorts of crime. isn't that the beauty of free speech? it reminds me of all the backlash against artists who spoke out against bush in the early days of the iraq war. which leads me to this...

brandon flowers of the killers has decided that green day are anti-american due to their song american idiot. apparently he doesn't think the english and the germans and all the rest of green day fans are smart enough to understand what the song is about. oh, i'm sorry brandon, i listen to green day so i must not understand what is happening in the world, and grasp complicated issues and irony. oh, if i could only be smart enough to listen to the killers and sing along with lyrics like...somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend. here is the link to the story i originally read it on allison's blog. who i don't know but enjoy reading about nonetheless. it was on the same entry as this hilarious story about a pushy man, and old lady and lots of pumpkins. she's also a really good artist and you should check it out.

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