Monday, October 30, 2006

sell-out, sell-out your love ...

another week of 'the hour'. here are my thoughts.

things i liked.

making cbc's blog tracker. :)
claire martin being back and pretending to banter.
the new disinformation segment.
being able to watch the show online. (speaking of which, when i went to watch the best of today it was linked to the wrong show. later this was posted up. "oops. we taped the wrong show last night. sorry, we're working on fixing that. but if you're interested in seeing sunday's passionate eye, it's right here. "... this amused me)
muppets with attitude video.
the story on athletes as slaves.
the line mr. stroumboulopoulos used when jian told him about his i-pod being stolen. 'steal my family, get your hands off my i-pod"
"the list" when it's real
the piano playing

things i didn't like.

the gill deacon "interview". if you are going to do a story on ethical chocolate, then do a story on ethical chocolate. don't gloss over it and use it to hide what basically amounted to an ad for her new tv show. this is my big beef this week. i'm so tired of having to watching these in show ads for upcoming cbc shows on 'the hour'.
ludacris' jacket.
"the list" when it's "funny"
hilary doyle and her piece on the taliban.
and of course.... the time slot and the theme music. oh, and the closers.

things i've noticed. the nose ring is out (which i don't care about) but logo t-shirts are in.

things i am not sure i miss. andrew coyne.

how i feel overall after week three of 'the hour'. i feel it's trying way to hard to compete with 'the daily show' and the late nite talk shows. i've read that they hired three new comedy writers and personally, i don't feel the show is really that much funnier. in fact, for me, it's probably less funny because it seems more scripted. the jokes in the past two seasons seemed more off the cuff. the show itself seems much more focused on being entertaining rather than informative. to me, it seems as if the show is going thru it's intial stages of trying to find itself. which is fine for a brand new show. but i've already sat thru those, two years ago.

now, is the point where i normally would recap the strombo show. last week, i mentioned that i would be carving pumpkins instead. that event was cancelled. but i am like seinfeld, even steven. i was then promptly invited to a dinner party.

let's see what was discussed via myspace. oh, look.. barbara w mentioned me. my first mention on myspace. (hee hee). ok, back to the actual show. here are some topics that were discussed on the show according to myspace comments. looks like bob was dissing calgary. scary movies. deathclocks. food eaten with fingers. shoes. specifically bob's shoes it looks like. getting things free because the cashier has not charged you. whether or not you should tell someone you don't like their partner. if anyone wants to fill in any details, that would be great. i am always interested in how funny bob was. and if alex was on, was he good funny witty alex, or need to be bitch slapped alex.

since i have no recap, i will offer up some bits and pieces instead.

here is a link to an article in pop journalism. and here's one in the globe and mail.

i bought strut magazine on the weekend because it was their all music issue. turns out mr. stroumboulopoulos interviewed k-os for the issue.

and finally i mentioned last week that mr. stroumboulopoulos was in calgary this weekend. i offer up links to two blogs with stories. i don't know them but i have read their blogs and i really enjoy them.

i am very jealous of these two because
a. i was never that together when i was that age.
b. they have wickedly awesome red hair.

the first one is by hilary m. among many other cool things about her, she asked one of the best advice questions on the strombo show. she asked for help with her math homework. she's got a great photo up. i originally told her that that it was sweet. but i took another look at it and i've changed my mind. i think i like it so much because they both look really devilish and full of life in it. especially her. :)

the other blog is by melissa bale. oddly enough, she also participated in one of my favourite advice spots. but her's is of a different sort than hilary's. melissa is the girl whose parents would not let her play soccer. she's still having trouble. she's got great pics up as well and she's right about the skulls.

for those interested, as far as i know, the strombo recap will be back next week. but one never knows for sure. :)

ps. this saturday are the gemini's. mr. stroumboulopoulos is up for a viewer's choice type of award. i believe voting is still open. mr. stroumboulopoulos' manager harrased us all by myspace bulletins this week. :)


Melissa said...

One fact to correct, being that I'm not playing soccer right now. Still struggling to play.
My hair is naturally red and hilary's is not
therefore i am automatically cooler!

Haha, other than that yeah it's great.


Melissa said...

K looks good.
Dumb question buuuut
what's a page protector?

Barbara said...

Melissa It's a plastic sheet sleeve you slip a page in to protect it.

668 it's Barbara W... Barbara B would not venture into the world of myspace. But sometimes I get me mixed up with Barbara B. too.

I saw those pics and they look as cute as buttons.
Maybe I should die my hair red and get another pic with George...

You did a very good recap in any case.
I still can't get over Bob having 46 pairs of shoes.

Oh and I know some don't but I like Hilary Doyle of The Hour... she's got moxy.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

whoops! sorry.. i blame my lack of sleep over the past few days. i have corrected it. :)

bob is such a girl!

i think i have figured out what bugs me about hilary doyle. but that's next week topic...:)

Allison said...

Once again, lovely recap.
I agree, I love watching shows online now, who has the time to actually sit down during the 'regular timeslot.' I have to go and catch up on more of the shows though.
I'd have to agree that I still think its trying to compete with Daily Show, etc. Also, is it just me, or has the Canadian content been slipping? Just wondering....

I was happy that last night they'd showed a clip of Rick Mercer, but seeing as I caught it at 11, missed Mercer...damn timeslots!
Anyways, happy hallowe'een. I'm going to ponder you 'wake songs' now... :)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

no no rick mercer is tonight!

how scary is that for halloween - harper in bed with mercer?!

i think i would tend to agree with you about can-con. i mean, there is no canadian segement of news anymore, so right there....